Kaigai FX Online Announces Grand Prix for Foreign FX Brokers

TOKYO, July 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kaigai FX Online has announced the launch of its Grand Prix for foreign FX brokers that provides world-class services. The Grand Prix was awarded based on a survey conducted by Kaigai FX Online, targeting 500 experienced foreign FX traders, and recognizes excellence in the three categories of Safety, Credibility, and Innovation.

announcement of foreign FX broker awards by Kaigai FX Online

Premium Broker Award 2023
Top foreign FX broker with high safety

The survey revealed that many traders place most importance on the “number of users and name recognition” when selecting an overseas Forex broker. As a result, XM Trading, which was selected by the largest number of traders, was awarded the Premium Broker Award 2023 Grand Prix.


Best Credibility Broker Award 2023
Top foreign FX broker with high credibility and transparency

In addition to the survey results, Kaigai FX online surveyed various foreign FX brokers’ company information, achievements, and transaction transparency. As a result, AXIORY, which was selected as the most credible and transparent broker, was awarded the Best Credibility Broker Award 2023 Grand Prix.


Best Transformed Broker Award 2023
Top mostly transformed foreign FX broker

Additionally, Kaigai FX Online recognized IS6FX for its achievements in significantly increasing its transaction data volume, and was awarded the Best Transformed Broker Award Grand Prix for the foreign FX broker that has brought about the most transformation.


Kaigai FX Online aims to support traders, from beginners to intermediate and professionals, in finding suitable foreign FX brokers. The website provides information such as evaluations of various brokers, including XMTrading, and published articles such as Truly  Recommended Foreign FX Brokers Ranking and the Latest Bonus Information for Foreign FX Brokers, carefully selected by the editorial team from 80 companies.


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