CJ OliveNetworks Vina and Orion Food Vina Join Forces for Sustainable Development

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On July 13, 2023, CJ OliveNetworks Vina and Orion Food Vina held a signing ceremony for the rooftop solar project at CJ Building in Ho Chi Minh City. With this cooperation in a solar power system toward green manufacturing, CJ OliveNetworks Vina and Orion Food Vina make an effort to reach sustainable development goals.

The rooftop solar system is implemented under a PPA solution. Thanks to this collaborative model, Orion Food Vina would be owning the rooftop solar system with no Capex or Opex required. By using clean energy sources from rooftop solar, the factory not only saves energy costs but also mitigates risks associated with increasing electricity prices.

With a capacity of 1.157,20 kWp, the rooftop solar system helps reducing the electricity consumption from the nation grid (EVN) by about 15%. Additionally, it reduces about 1,290 tons of CO2 emission, which contributes to environmental protection.

CJ OliveNetworks Vina and Orion Food Vina Join Forces for Sustainable Development

About Orion Food Vina

Orion is one of the most famous Korean brands. Orion Food Vina aims to become the No. 1 confectionery manufacturer in Vietnam. Orion Food Vina is trying to transform in the direction of a sustainable business through transparency in production and business reporting, actively participating in environmental protection activities by reducing the color printed on the packaging, limiting advertising costs, and instead, making efforts to research and improve the product that is good for consumers’ health.

About CJ OliveNetworks Vina

CJ OliveNetworks Vina, a subsidiary of CJ OliveNetworks – A South Korean company providing IT service to diversified businesses in the food and beverage, entertainment, logistics, healthcare, and other industries. Its current outstanding customers in the rooftop solar business include CJ Agri Vina (Vietnam), CJ Bio, Orion Food Vina (Vietnam), and CJ F&C (Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar). With the rooftop solar projects, at the end of 2022, CJ OliveNetworks Vina received “Best C&I EPC Service” Award and “Best C&I Green Energy Project” Award from SolarQuarter, Asia’s cleantech media company.

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