JT THORPE and HokuApps Commemorate the Continuous Evolution and Deployment of their State-Of-The-Art Project Management Solution on their Four-Year Partnership Anniversary

This 4-year strategic alliance has delivered a myriad of business advantages inclusive of process excellence and real-time visibility across their operations through the adoption of a mobility solution. 

PHOENIX, March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — This significant year marks a momentous occasion as JT THORPE the oldest and largest refractory contractor in the United States, boasting over a century of pioneering refractory engineering, design and installation services, joins hands with HokuApps, a global enterprise mobility solutions provider, to celebrate four successful years of their partnership. Prior to collaborating with JT THORPE , HokuApps partnered up with Liberty Industrial Group, Inc., a renowned specialized contractor providing comprehensive services, inclusive of commercial and industrial scaffolding, which is now merged under JT THORPE. Over the years, they have continually evolved and made remarkable strides, broadening the scope of their mobility solution which allowed their existing solution to co-exist with new data and more projects, boosting productivity and enabling faster responses to both businesses. HokuApps is privileged and appreciative to be part of their digital transformation journey, further empowering their capabilities and enabling them to deliver exceptional, best-in-class services to their esteemed customers.

Since the inception of the partnership, they had a clear vision of utilizing HokuApps’ low code platform to build, deploy and manage a cutting-edge project management application as they worked towards doubling down on their modernization journey and the evolution of their employee experience. They sought after an application that would efficiently manage material inventory levels and provide real-time tracking of part availability at individual storehouses. They wanted to prioritize having digitized and automated processes for inventory accuracy and accessing customers’ information. They aimed to empower their frontline employees with an app that provided valuable insights about the inventory levels, enabled them to assist customers and provided better overall customer experiences.

During the third quarter of 2020, HokuApps successfully developed and launched a robust project management application called “JTTHORPE.” Following the merger of Liberty and JT THORPE, the number of active users has since grown exponentially, reaching 5X its previous count as of today. The app is currently managing approximately 350 projects for both companies. Prior to the merger, HokuApps primarily concentrated its efforts on fixing bugs, incorporating permission updates for users and making incremental improvements to the application, encompassing the addition of new reports and updates to the key performance indicators on the dashboards within the web backend administrative console. In the post-merger phase, a significant portion of the development work involved seamlessly incorporating JT THORPE’s perspective and data into the application. This required structural changes to accommodate JT THORPE’s data while ensuring there was no impact on Liberty’s data. The complexity of this task demanded meticulous planning and execution to achieve a harmonious integration of both companies’ information, ensuring a smooth user experience and maintaining data integrity. HokuApps’ low-code technology enabled JT THORPE to gain the flexibility to manage multiple projects while maintaining control over each project. Additionally, they had the capability to swiftly and reliably modify and extend their business processes and information, which were previously managed in multiple disparate systems.

“We are delighted to have partnered up with HokuApps to implement a powerful mobility solution to revolutionize our internal workflows and processes. We are a merger of two companies with numerous projects and systems. HokuApps served as a strategic platform, enabling us to develop both our front-end and back-end applications effectively., “said Robert Prinz, President at JT THORPE. “With everything in one connected ecosystem, it made it easier and quicker for our employees to explore available data in one centralized location rather than searching through different sources and without waiting for permission to get access to key data.”

“We are incredibly humbled and honored to have played a pivotal role in driving JT THORPE’s digital transformation initiatives over the last four years.,” said Nand Kapoor, Director at HokuApps. “With the all-in-one digitized solution, they streamlined their operations, increasing productivity and meeting customer demands effectively. By leveraging upon our proprietary low-code platform, they continuously enhanced and adjusted the application to cater to their evolving business and customer needs.”

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