Press-On Nails Go Viral: Exceeding $1 Million in 5-Minute Livestream Sales!

Yiwugo Vendors Export Over 1 Million Boxes Weekly

YIWU, China, March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —, the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. “Do you have press-on nails?” Yesterday, in Zone 3 of Yiwu International Trade City (also known as the Yiwu Market), two live-stream influencers on e-commerce platforms were scouting for suppliers. “We need handmade ones, approximately 1,000 boxes per week…” Zhejiang Fashion Cosmetics Co., Ltd, a highly recommended store on, consistently attracts a significant number of proactive customers. Among these inquiries, an order of 1,000 boxes per week may not seem substantial, considering that many customers place orders for tens of thousands of boxes. Nevertheless, the sheer volume of orders underscores the current popularity and demand for press-on nails.

A highly recommended store on

Press-on nails are both convenient and flexible, causing no harm to your natural nails. Indeed, some businesses have introduced enticing promotional offers, such as “experience it for the price of a cup of coffee”. Consequently, these nail wraps have rapidly gained popularity, particularly when compared to traditional nail art, which often costs a few dozen dollars and requires a significant time investment. With their quick application and removal, coupled with their excellent value for money, these press-ons have gone viral.

Recent statistics reveal a remarkable surge in sales of press-on nails on Tmall, with a staggering year-on-year growth of 200% since March. This upward trend shows no signs of slowing down. On a popular social media platform, there are over 4.63 million posts discussing these emerging nail wraps. The demand for press-ons has skyrocketed, making it another hot trend in the beauty industry. Particularly on e-commerce platforms, there has been a continuous release of highly popular and sought-after press-on nail products.

Zhejiang Fashion Cosmetics is frequented by e-commerce vendors. “The fast-paced nature of e-commerce demands us to maintain a swift and constant supply,” states Yang Yan, Sales Director of Zhejiang Fashion Cosmetics. As a professional enterprise specializing in the development, design, production, and sale of nail supplies, Zhejiang Fashion Cosmetics takes advantage of its in-house design research, development and manufacturing capabilities. “Every day, we launch 10 to 15 new product designs, and so far, we have successfully developed tens of thousands of products across more than 100 nail types,” says Yang Yan. She emphasizes that the entire process, from design to pattern making and sampling, can be completed within a single day.

Earlier, a top live-streaming influencer on a certain e-commerce platform made a request to Zhejiang Fashion Cosmetics for a type of press-on nail product with a festive ambiance. “We initiated communication on the first night, and by the third day, the influencer had already received 10 sample designs,” explains Yang Yan. It was this particular product line that achieved a remarkable sales record of over 8 million yuan (about 1.23 million USD) within just five minutes during her livestream.

Press-on nails are not only thriving domestically, but their popularity remains equally strong in overseas markets. At Zhejiang Fashion Cosmetics, the factory consistently fulfills orders for European and American clients, dispatching shipments of approximately 400,000 boxes of press-on nails per week. “Our customers are so eager to receive their orders that they often prompt as soon as the products are ready for shipping,” shares a representative from the company. It is worth noting that many clients place bulk orders for an entire year’s supply of press-on nails.

Last year, the company unveiled a revolutionary product that combines the best features of nail gel and press-on nails—a wearable soft nail solution. “With just a brief exposure to nail lamp, the adhesive patches transform into durable and beautiful nail extensions within a minute. The convenience, durability, and enhanced beauty of this product have garnered significant interest from international customers. We receive daily inquiries, with particularly strong demand coming from the South American market, where sales have been quite impressive,” says Yang Yan.

Foreign businessmen from not just Europe, America, and South America, but also from the Middle East, Africa, and beyond have flocked to Yiwu. Among them is Amir Makram, an Egyptian merchant who visited Zone 3 of Yiwu International Trade City yesterday with a clear purpose: to explore nail beauty products. As he stood in front of a store specializing in press-on nails, his curiosity was piqued. After a store attendant provided a detailed introduction, Amir Makram’s interest intensified, leading to an exchange of WeChat contacts between both parties, setting the stage for further negotiations.

According to data analysis from the Yiwugo platform, there has been a significant surge in search volume for press-on nails since the beginning of this year. As of early March, the platform recorded a 2.34-fold yoy increase in the number of press-on nails orders and a 2.64-fold yoy increase in transaction value.

Nails may be small, but they hold great potential within the realm of beauty. To capitalize on this “beauty economy” surrounding nails, businesses in the Yiwu market are exerting their full efforts in production and striving to stay ahead by introducing new products. With relentless innovation and market expansion, many companies now face production lead times of 45 to 60 days as they endeavor to meet the soaring demand.

“To meet the market demands, we have upgraded our equipment. With the addition of 15 new machines, we can now produce over 200,000 boxes of press-on nails per day, doubling our previous production capacity. While fulfilling current orders, we have also intensified our investment in new product development. Presently, we are collaborating with clients to delve into the research and development of new products for the year 2025,” said Yang Yan.