JinkoSolar Showcases Liquid-Cooling Utility-Scale Energy Storage Solutions at ESIE

BEIJING, April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On the 7th of April, JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, announced it introduced its new generation liquid cooling utility-scale energy storage system SunTera to 2023 ESIE (the 11th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo) in Beijing as increased performance and safety continue to make stationary energy storage an attractive solution for utilities and businesses and around the world.

SunTera is a powerful solution designed for peak-shaving, microgrid, demand management, and other grid-supporting applications. These solutions are aimed at solving the challenges of the mismatch between energy demand and generation.

Ultra Safe

Safety is the most important part of SunTera. JinkoSolar designs and engineers its liquid cooling ESS which is specifically for utility-scale projects to exceed safety standards level. On top of which is a liquid cooling thermal management scheme to perfectly ensure temperature uniformity within the cabinet. Multiple layers of safety enhancement solutions such as an active ventilation system for anti-explosion, earlier detection and alarming of abnormalities, fire suppression system and water injection unit. The new liquid cooling ESS SunTera is globally certified in all of its components from the cell-pack-rack level to the enclosure level and introduces higher standards to the industry.

High Energy Density

Each container-modularized SunTera comes from the factory fully assembled with up to 3.44-megawatt hours (MWh) of storage (6.88MWh / 40′ container) and a 25% increase in energy density compared to other traditional utility applicable ESS to achieve significant cost and time savings.

High Reliability and Longer Life

During the integration process, SunTera adopts multi-level and system-wide protection from the cell to the system. Based on SunTera’s advanced liquid cooling technology, the temperature of cells can be more precisely controlled, which can extend the service life of cells by more than 10%.

Reduced Power Consumption

Accurate and precise multi-level cooling management modes save power consumption by 20%.

Easier Install

SunTera is a compact and all-in-one solution that simplifies the installation process and minimizes onsite labor. Pre-assembled containerized energy storage system reduces onsite labor and installation time by 40% and installation cost by 30%.

Intelligent O&M

All SunTera connect to JinkoSolar’s own software hub, an advanced monitoring and control platform for large-scale utility projects and micro grids.