“Anyone can create a metaverse” – Redbrick’s visual coding technology OOBC has been patented in the U.S.

–  OOBC has newly registered a US patent in March through the accelerated examination system
–  Anyone can create metaverse content easily through block combination without knowledge of text coding
–  Expansion of creator economy ecosystem is getting faster with a patent of the U.S., ‘birthplace of IT’

SEOUL, South Korea, April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OOBC (Objective Oriented Block Coding), a next-generation visual coding technology of a metaverse creation platform Redbrick (CEO YANG YEONGMO), has been patented in the U.S.

Redbrick has completed patent registration this March only in 5 months after having filed a patent application for OOBC technology based on accelerated examination system with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last October and has been acknowledged for having a unique technology in the U.S. after a patent registration in Korea in August 2022.

OOBC, making users to write a sentence-type code by combining blocks which are made up of coding language like formulating an English sentence by combining vocabulary cards, is a technology which helps people without knowledge of text-based coding languages including C and Python easily create metaverse content. Furthermore, unlike other block-coding techniques, it enables combining coding language blocks which can be picked up in the order of ‘subject’, ‘verb’ and ‘predicate’ using the Drag & Drop method, which helps beginners code easily.

Redbrick, which has built the ‘Creator Economy’ ecosystem where anyone who has no knowledge of coding can create, sell and buy content as a creator of metaverse, already has almost 200 thousand creators. Redbrick creators have created over 600 thousand metaverse content using OOBC, etc. Redbrick has attracted investment of $20M USD in total including Series B financing of $15M USD from NH Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. last year with acknowledgement of its own technologies such as OOBC.

Redbrick CEO YANG YEONGMO said, “Obtaining a patent for the OOBC technology in the U.S. has its significance in that Redbrick’s differentiated technology has been recognized in the U.S. which is said to be the birthplace of advanced IT technology with the presence of Silicon Valley”, and “we will make efforts to expand the ecosystem by attracting metaverse creators not only in domestic market but also in other countries into Redbrick creator economy market.”