JinkoSolar Launches Second Generation Tiger Neo Family

SHANGRAO, China, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today revealed its Second Generation Tiger Neo panel family – one of the world’s most efficient and powerful solar panels. The upgraded Tiger Neo family includes three series with up to 445Wp for 54-cell, 615Wp for 72-cell, and 635Wp for 78-cell and module efficiency up to 22.27%, 23.23%, and 22.72% respectively.

This generation of Tiger Neo panels built on the record highly efficient N-type TOPCon technology delivers improved performance and reliability that results in:

* One of the world’s most efficient and powerful panels: Available with up to 23.23% efficiency at the module level, and 615Wp power output for the 72-cell panel in 182″ format.

* Continued advances in bifacial factor: With up to an 85% bifacial factor, it can push a higher generation on the rear side panel and allow for 15-20% more yield compared to conventional bifacial panels.

* A further optimized temperature co-efficiency down to -0.29%/℃.

* Leading-edge reliability over its 15-years prolonged lifespan compared to conventional panels and a hassle-free O&M experience with a 30-years warranty thanks to its 1% initial-year degradation and 0.4% linear degradation.

* Unmatched low-light performance: Higher average productivity under low-light conditions such as sunset, sunrise, and cloudy skies.

* Compatibility with almost all mainstream inverter brands with the use of lower short circuit current; customers no need to invest more in augmented class of inverters.

“We are once again raising the standard of N-type performance with the latest generation of our Tiger Neo panels, which deliver better system performance – even through the most demanding conditions,” said Gener Miao, CMO of JinkoSolar Co., Ltd., “This panel, combined with an industry-leading N-type partner ecosystem and new solutions like ESS, will show what’s truly possible with the solar PV experience going forward.”