Calterah Launches New mmWave Radar SoC Families – Alps-Pro and Andes

SHANGHAI, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On Dec. 20, Calterah Semiconductor launched two new mmWave radar SoC families, Alps-Pro and Andes, on its Calterah Day 2022 themed with “Next Wave”. Click here to watch the full subtitled video.


Alps-Pro is developed based on the mmWave radar SoC platform of Alps, only featuring being more Powerful, Robust, and Optimal (PRO). The Alps-Pro device is a low-power 4T4R SoC with the smallest die size among its likes on the market. Forward-looking radar based on Alp-Pro can have a maximum detection range of 240 m, with ±0.1° angular accuracy and 3° resolution. Unquestionably, Alps-Pro can better meet the requirements of radar systems for L2+ intelligent driving.

Alps-Pro SoC

Compared to Alps products, the Alps-Pro product has the following significant advantages:

FMCW transceiver system More accurate phase shifter; higher channel-to-channel isolation; greater RF link budget Reduced spur attenuation; CISPR 25 Class 5 for EMC; 100% faster functional safety mechanism detection


Baseband Accelerator (BBA) for complete radar signal processing More efficient DDM flow; coherent CFAR; SVA supported Greater performance in interference detection and mitigation; bit-true simulator for each BBA engine


Digital circuitry Memory size increased by 100% Single-core CPU upgraded to dual-core Interface throughput improved by 19 times with 100 Mbps Ethernet

Moreover, the various debugging features, simpler CPU resource management, and ASPICE compliance of Alps-Pro offer greater ease of use and shorten the time to market.


The next-generation mmWave radar SoC product family of Andes that brings the frontier technology to the market, was also unveiled. Consisting of two 4T4R radar SoCs using 22 nm process, the Andes family, unrivalled in every aspect, can realize 4D premium and imaging radar functions.

Andes SoC

As a next-generation platform, Andes is most advanced in computation power, RF design, cascading functionality, debugging, and cybersecurity.

Computation power: 4-core CPU offering over 2000 DMIPS; DSP operating at least 2X faster than products on the market; Calterah proprietary RSP for rapid radar signal processing. RF module: 7-bit transmission line based phase rotator; flexible waveform generation supported; accurate digital compensation. Cascading functionality: C2C (Chip-to-Chip) interfaces; flexible cascading; AXI-based protocol facilitating software operation; distributed signal processing. Debugging: JTAG and Aurora interfaces; multiple data channels; analytic modules. Cybersecurity: Adaptation of “safety island” design; hardware accelerators supporting all encryption algorithms.

With the extraordinary computation power, Andes supports high-throughput data processing and advanced algorithms. Its flexible architecture can meet the requirements of different use scenarios and waveforms. The convenient debugging functions significantly facilitate development and the superior Hardware Security Module can well address the ever-growing need for cybersecurity.

At the product launch, Dr Chen Jiashu, CEO of Calterah, pointed out three directions towards which the automotive mmWave radar evolves: compact and low-power, economical, and 4D imaging. Calterah is proud to have the most comprehensive mmWave radar chip product portfolio and can offer, in sync with the three directions, the cutting-edge mmWave technologies to global users.

Calterah’s AiP products from the Alps family are preferred choices for small and low-power radar modules and perfect for emerging automotive in-cabin applications. For Alps-Pro, it targets L2+ intelligent driving radar with the cost-efficient advantage. Andes, however, is designed for 4D premium and imaging radar, contributing to L3+ auto driving.

As of today, Calterah has served more than 400 customers, built a partnership with over 20 car OEMs, and enabled 70+ car models, with an accumulative shipment of over 3 million auto-grade chips. This year also witnesses the establishment of our first overseas site in Munich and hence we are able to better serve global customers and to get one step closer to the mission to “Make Millimeter-Wave Serve Everyone”.