iQIYI’s Chief Content Officer at Asia TV Forum: Driving Premium Chinese Content to Global Prominence

BEIJING, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — iQIYI, an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, attended the 2023 Asia TV Forum (ATF) held in Singapore from December 5 to 8. WANG Xiaohui, Chief Content Officer of iQIYI, joined a fireside chat onsite and emphasized the platform’s unwavering commitment to providing premium Chinese and Asian content worldwide. iQIYI strives to enhance content creation, bolster competitiveness through cutting-edge technology, and foster strong partnerships to promote global reach and ensure sustained growth.

The continuous creation of premium content remains a cornerstone for Chinese streaming platforms to establish a global presence. According to Wang, iQIYI leverages its advantageous resources to produce exceptional original content, embracing innovative themed theater models to create exquisite masterpieces that resonate with ordinary individuals.

Simultaneously, iQIYI is dedicated to fortifying its content studio by fostering a diverse talent pool, supporting the creation of content across various genres to meet the diverse viewing needs of users from all walks of life.

Wang said, “Diversifying content was our response to the influx of diverse internet users in China’s streaming landscape. We expanded beyond popular IPs of ancient fantasy and embraced a range of genres like sci-fi, mystery, romance, and more, catering to the varied tastes of different age groups, social backgrounds, and aesthetic preferences. We want to tell the stories of the ordinary people.”

At the forum, iQIYI unveiled an impressive lineup for the next two years, including over 280 new Chinese language dramas, films, and variety shows, as well as over 35 original productions and licensed series from Southeast Asia. According to Wang, iQIYI has successfully extended its content reach to over 200 territories worldwide, distributing approximately 7,800 episodes of dramas, variety shows, documentaries, and around 400 films over the years.

iQIYI has also embraced cutting-edge technologies, incorporating artificial intelligence throughout the content production pipeline. From project planning and assessment to on-the-ground development, production, and promotional activities, iQIYI leverages AI to enhance efficiency and elevate the quality of content. This strategic integration simplifies the creative process and enriches the depth of artistic expression. With the sustained and stable output of high-quality content, iQIYI solidifies its core competitiveness, fostering increased user engagement and brand loyalty.

Launching its international version of website and international app in 2019, iQIYI has striven to become the home for beloved Asian content for audiences worldwide and is committed to contributing to the Asian entertainment industry through in-house production, content distribution, and local partnerships. iQIYI International is accessible via almost any internet-connected device across the world, with UI and subtitles of 12 languages.

ATF is Asia’s leading entertainment content market and conference, bringing together industry professionals from around the world to trade, collaborate, and explore business opportunities in the Asian television and entertainment industry.