Hello Group Inc. Launches the Native Social App ‘inSpaze’ for Apple Vision Pro

BEIJING, Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hello Group Inc. (NASDAQ: MOMO), a leading mobile social and entertainment player in China, has launched the native immersive social app inSpaze for Apple Vision Pro in the U.S.

inSpaze, the brand-new app specially developed for visionOS, is now available for all Apple Vision Pro users. With technologies such as 3Ds, Reality Converter, Reality Composer Pro, etc., the native spatial computing app inSpaze allows users to connect with Apple Vision Pro users globally, along with Spatial Audio and 3D interaction content.

inSpaze users can immerse themselves completely in a world of their own creation. In addition to persona support, users can also generate 3D avatars with one-click, as well as customize their personal space in the app: choose the wall paint and curtain color, select floor texture, add pictures on the wall, play personal collecting music, etc.

Regarding social features, inSpaze users can start or join a party at any time, and chat with Apple Vision Pro users worldwide. The app has 12 built-in language modes and provides real-time synchronized translation. inSpaze users can also play social games in the app such as chess, allowing them to control the chessboard and chess pieces in real time with gaze. Moreover, when not wearing the Apple Vision Pro, inSpaze users can also download the app on the App Store and use it on iPhone to connect with others.

With the integration of inSpaze’s cutting-edge technology and the unique platform on Apple Vision Pro, inSpaze breaks through the spatial isolation and language barriers, providing ultimate entertainment and social experience through immersive interaction. Similar to the evolution of the App Store on iPhone, the true potential of Apple Vision Pro will be realized through all new applications which haven’t been thought of yet. Just like inSpaze reshapes the boundary of social interactions, education, health, shopping, entertainment etc. will all get redesigned.

About Hello Group Inc.

Hello Group Inc. was founded in 2011 and listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ: MOMO) in 2014. The company is a leading player in mainland China’s online social networking space. Through Momo, Tantan and other properties within our product portfolio, the company enables users to discover new relationships, expand their social connections and build meaningful interactions. Starting from 2019, the company has incubated a number of other new apps, such as Hertz, SoulChill, Duidui, TieTie and inSpaze, which target more niche markets and more selective demographics.