Health In Tech Partners with ClaimsBridge For Network Management Services

The collaboration will provide self-funded clients with unparalleled access to providers and discounts that are unique in the industry

STUART, Fla., May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Health In Tech, an industry-leading insurtech company that delivers disruptive innovation and reimagines self-funded health plans, has forged a partnership with ClaimsBridge as its network management firm. This collaboration aims to equip brokers with an enhanced set of tools and resources, enabling them to manage their client’s employee benefits more effectively and control healthcare costs efficiently.

ClaimsBridge will provide Health In Tech with a complete portfolio of network solutions, including high-performance networks, direct contracts, and regional provider networks, all powered by ClaimsBridge’s unique proprietary Connect platform, which streamlines implementation and claim flow.

Coupled with Health In Tech’s eDIYBS (Do It Yourself Benefit Systems) platform, the industry’s most streamlined and fastest underwriting and broker quoting platform, that can generate a firm proposal in 2 minutes or less, the partnership provides brokers and their self-funded clients with unparalleled access to providers and discounts that are unique in the industry.

“With one simple integration with no manual input required, the ClaimsBridge partnership empowers our TPA partners to access the strongest custom networks in each state – transforming them into national players virtually overnight,” said Tim Johnson, CEO of Health In Tech, “This alliance not only significantly shortens the time required to onboard a TPA partner but also accelerates our go-to-market strategy to support our expansive growth.”

By leveraging ClaimsBridge’s network aggregation and customized claims routing platform, brokers representing a Health In Tech medical plan will be able to customize their client’s network options to meet their unique needs, ensuring plan members have access to high-quality care at reduced costs. This partnership represents an exciting opportunity for brokers and companies seeking to control their healthcare spend and streamline their benefit administration processes.

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ClaimsBridge offers a portfolio of unique cost containment and technology solutions for Payors. ClaimsBridge includes high performance networks, direct contracts, regional networks and carrier access.

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