Having Committed to Growth in the New Year, Unicoeye Accelerates Its Online Expansion

WHIPPANY, N.J., Jan. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Unicoeye, an online retailer of colored contact lenses, is entering the new year with the ambitious goal of accelerating its online expansion. The company is committed to achieving growth in 2023 and is taking the necessary steps to ensure this goal is met. This includes focusing on new strategies to help increase its online presence, such as price adjustments and product promotions. Additionally, Unicoeye has shared some advice for consumers considering colored contact lenses.

Having Committed to Growth in the New Year, Unicoeye Accelerates Its Online Expansion

Always insisting on putting customers first, Unicoeye stood out from many competitors in just a few years, and quickly became one of the most popular colored contact lens brands with vibrant original patterns and unique color combinations. As a professional colored contact lens brand, Unicoeye provides FDA-approved colored contacts shipped straight from their US warehouse, making sure customers receive their purchases within 2–6 days. For those looking for high-quality colored contact lenses at a reasonable price, lenses from Unicoeye are an excellent choice. Not only are they affordable, but they are also completely safe to wear. 

Likes and support from consumers motivate this brand to keep going and focus on delivering the best possible products and services. To achieve its planned online expansion, Unicoeye has decided to start by adjusting product prices and hosting promotions. Since January, the brand has lowered the prices of hot products on its website by up to 40%, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $16.99. It is worth mentioning that the brand is not reducing product quality to achieve this price reduction; on the contrary, they have been working hard to provide even better quality lenses. Further, multiple simultaneous promotions will allow customers to enjoy increased discounts on top of reduced prices. Anyone looking to temporarily change their eye color or enhance their makeup looks can visit the Unicoeye website for the most competitive prices.

“We hope those sales can help us build a good relationship with customers and also help spread awareness of our brand,” said the Unicoeye team. “With the right approach, we are confident that we can reach our goals of online expansion and overall growth this year.”

With the rise in popularity of colored contact lenses, it’s becoming commonplace to see them all over social media, worn by cosplayers, makeup artists, and countless other influencers. However, Unicoeye has noted that a certain fact about colored contacts needs to be more widely discussed, understood, and taken seriously. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a regulatory agency that creates guidelines for the protection of public health, requires colored contact lens vendors to be registered on their website due to the fact that colored contact lenses are considered medical devices. This means that those vendors must receive prior FDA authorization for their products to enter the U.S. and be commercially distributed. According to FDA regulations, compliance with registration can facilitate the supervision of a vendor’s products and allow consumers to report product-related problems and complaints. Therefore, it is important for colored contact lens brands to have FDA approval.

Unfortunately, some retailers sell colored contact lenses that do not meet the strict quality requirements established by the FDA. It is illegal to sell these lenses in the United States as they aren’t FDA-approved and may lead to eye infections and even cause blindness in severe cases after wearing them. Unicoeye, in addition to providing safe and FDA-approved lenses, also prioritizes its customers’ vision health by raising awareness of colored contact lens safety. For example, they recently shared an easy way for consumers to quickly verify whether the colored contact lenses they’ve purchased are FDA-approved: check whether the lenses are being shipped from the US. If they are shipped from a non-US warehouse or take weeks to arrive, this can be a sign that they are not FDA-approved.

Colored contacts are a great way to change up or enhance one’s look, but be sure to use colored contacts that the FDA approves to avoid eye injury. Unicoeye urges people interested in colored contacts to do thorough research before purchasing any lenses not directly provided by a pharmacy.

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About Unicoeye

Unicoeye is a professional colored contact lens brand with a keen sense of fashion. Since its inception in 2019, the company has always been dedicated to providing safe and well-made products to every customer. Unicoeye insists on making eye health a top priority, using “sandwich printing” technology in their lenses to protect customers’ vision, and providing consumers with an FDA-approved purchasing experience.