Hankyung.com introduces: Gall3ry renovates Web3 user experience with the leading technology: On-chain Content

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Gall3ry, a key player in Web3 innovation, has transformed user experience and Web3 story-telling with the On-chain Content Aggregator. Partnering with Axie Infinity to provide a model of OCC called Axie iD Card Memento, Gall3ry attracted thousands of users with close to 20,000 pieces of Content generated within 2 weeks. Their recent partnership with XPLA marks the next stride in their mission to elevate the overall Web3 ownership experience.

Gall3ry, the Web3 branch of Platfarm Inc., is proud to introduce its solution to address the hotly after-launching challenges faced by many Web3 projects. In today’s Web3 market, many communities lose their initial hype after launching a token. Gall3ry – was built originally from Korea then developed in Vietnam, an emerging country for blockchain market – aims to change this trend by offering storytelling solutions named On-chain Content, setting a new standard for the NFT-owning experience, and keeping the hype alive in the Web3 community- the key factor for any Web3 project.

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On-chain Content – Renovate the way the Web3 community engaging

Gall3ry’s innovation lies in On-chain Content (OCC), a fusion of on-chain and off-chain data transformed into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) stored securely on the blockchain network. This tokenization process ensures content authenticity, ownership, and provenance, leveraging the blockchain’s transparent and immutable nature.

Level up by OCC Tokenizer – the solution for Web3 storytelling

The OCC Tokenizer by Gall3ry is a customized application designed to convert off-chain content into on-chain content in a dynamic format. From the OCC Tokenizer, users can share the OCC back to X.com to flex up their assets. This process guarantees the visibility of on-chain story-telling content, fostering community engagement.

An exponential case of OCC Tokenizer is the Axie ID Card Generator, partnered with Axie Infinity – a leading Web3 game project. The Axie iD Card Campaign generated roughly 20,000 OCC called Axie iD Card Mementos (NFT), resulting in a substantial increase in social awareness with over 214,000 impressions in just 2 weeks. This also attracted nearly 40,000 Axie Infinity Content Creators who registered to join the project.

Gall3ry’s noteworthy partnerships also include the OCC-gated mobile apps for LG U+ NFT, named Moono Week, and the OCC-gated experience for Bellygom, engaging over 4,000 community members in February 2023.

OCC empowers Web3 ownership for sustainable development

Gall3ry continues to enhance experiences and utility for NFT holders across the entire blockchain ecosystem. In January, they announced a strategic partnership with XPLA, a Layer 1 blockchain featuring digital content in the blockchain gaming field. Through the Gall3ry On-chain content (OCC) solution, XPLA ecosystem users can build identities, curate NFT portfolios, and share creations for meaningful connections in the Web3 environment.

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The promising upcoming plans of Gall3ry

Gall3ry is heading to unlock the latest technology advances. The upcoming plan will introduce more story-telling development, particularly in collaboration with various Web3 areas, including D-App extensions to keep OCC active directly within the ecosystem, releasing the Soul Bound Token.

Gall3ry’s solution extends benefits to both Web3 projects and Web3 end-users. The platform’s vision is grounded in fostering strategic partnerships and collaborating with more innovative Web3 projects to bring up more after-launching engagement by empowering ownership experiences.

About Gall3ry

Gall3ry is the leading On-chain content Aggregator, powered by Platfarm Inc., which has showcased its expertise in visual communication, notably through the success of Mojitok, its Web2 service brand that has made an impact in the messaging services industry with an AI-based algorithm and the platform for sticker creators, and through its strategic partnerships with tech giants such as Samsung, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Google, as well as with regional companies like Zalo.

With massive 300 million global active users and 41 billion monthly impressions, Platfarm has established itself as a Web2 powerhouse and completed a successful Series A investing round with investors including Samsung Ventures, Infobank, and others.

Website: gall3ry.io Twitter: twitter.com/gall3ry_3 Medium: medium.com/@gall3ry LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/gall3ry-3/ Discord: discord.gg/gall3ry