Automation Anywhere Launches New Benchmarking Services to Help Companies Maximize the Business Value of AI-Powered Process Automation

New services help identify opportunities and prioritize investments in Intelligent Automation

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Automation Anywhere, a leader in enterprise process automation that puts AI to work, announced a suite of new benchmarking services and a new customer benchmarking database initiative to help companies assess and maximize the business value of process automation deployments. These offerings will help companies see what “best of breed” automation in their industry looks like and guide them towards the highest value automation priorities faster than they could have determined on their own.

Customers often lack a clear understanding of how to prioritize investments in automation technology and don’t have a clear understanding of the outsized returns they can receive in a short period of time. Automation Anywhere is in a unique position to offer new benchmarking services based on the company’s twenty-year expertise partnering with thousands of customers globally to deploy process automation solutions across hundreds of functions and dozens of industries.

“Technology alone is not enough,” said Ankur Kothari, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Automation Anywhere. “Customers need strategic partners who can help them better understand how work is getting done inside their company and the ways to fundamentally transform their processes and business. Organizations don’t realize how fast significant revenue, cash flow and productivity gains can be achieved in their business.” 

The new services include:

Return on Automation Value Assessment: An industry-specific discussion of automation trends and use cases and a complimentary, customized analysis that includes a benchmark-driven analysis of value potential. Process Benchmarking Diagnostic: Identification of key performance gaps and related automation priorities. Process Transformation Roadmap: An in-depth consultative study of business processes and detailed recommendations to optimize the automation journey.

As a foundation to support these new service offerings, the company announced the development of a new proprietary customer benchmarking database leveraging artificial intelligence and millions of anonymized automation runs being executed by the company’s customer base. Automation Anywhere customers around the globe execute more than 150 million automation runs annually. The database captures key data and benchmarks to help customers compare their current business process performance to successful intelligent automation industry use cases.

“The insights gleaned from real-world automation runs reveal significant transformation opportunities,” Kothari added. “We have learned, for example, that the average response time to an order status email is reduced to less than one minute in a well-orchestrated automated process, contrasting sharply with the industry-standard of 45 minutes in a manual process. This data empowers enterprises to pinpoint the most promising areas for business impact to potentially save tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars while enhancing their competitive advantage.”

“Leveraging benchmark information as our basis of comparison, we have a data-backed strategy that allows us to move from low-impact automations to a more comprehensive process transformation program that yields significant results,” said Chris Stevenson, Director, Automation & Advanced Analytics at Huntsman Corporation.

“Armed with insights from benchmarking, we are laser-focused on our business’s pain points, transitioning from piecemeal automation to a holistic value chain revolution,” said Bonnie Dallum, Head of the Intelligent Automation Platform and Automation Center of Excellence Leader at Cargill.

“Automation Anywhere’s focus on and investment in these new benchmarking services is a perfect complement to our continued focus on driving maximum business outcomes for our customers,” said Prasanna Ramaswamy, CEO and Co-Founder of Recode Solutions.

“As organizations become more mature in their ability to automate their business processes, they recognize that task automation is just one part of the process transformation puzzle,” said Maureen Fleming, Program VP, Worldwide Intelligent Process Automation Market Research and Advisory Service at IDC. “Process automation involves an increasingly sophisticated portfolio of GenAI and automation technologies. With this growing sophistication, automation investments must be grounded in a business case based on tangible benchmark improvements.”

Immediate Value and Improved Operational Performance

Across industries and functions, Intelligent Automation powered by generative AI is transforming business processes, driving greater innovation, and building a sustainable competitive advantage.

For example, financial institutions and banks that manage billions in assets are fighting the battle against money laundering activities and fraud to avoid millions in losses and regulatory fines by deploying automated and intelligent counter measures that can quickly track, detect, monitor, and combat fraudulent activities.

In healthcare, Automation Anywhere helps organizations quickly develop and deploy automations to solve complicated use cases ranging from data synthesis, enhancing the patient and practitioner experience, to decision support. These complex automations can be employed to reduce the administrative workload on physicians, assist in the identification of clinical insights and assist patients to follow customized treatment regimes. 

For more information, contact Automation Anywhere directly, or through its global partners.

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