Gotion High-tech Signed Strategic Agreements with Siemens and BASF Respectively

-Building an energy science system based on materials science and digital science

HEFEI, China, July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Gotion High-tech signed strategic cooperation agreements with Siemens Digital Industrial Software and BASF respectively. Siemens is a leading global supplier of digital industrial software, while BASF is a global chemical and materials giant. Mr. Li Zhen, the Chairman of Gotion, stated that the signings of contracts with Siemens and BASF are strategic collaborations for Gotion in Building an energy science system based on materials science and digital science.

According to the agreement between Gotion High-tech and Siemens, both parties will utilize AI industrial control system technology to jointly build a closed-loop digital R&D, manufacturing, and management platform. Building upon Siemens’ innovative and digital solutions, the goal is to establish a new engine for Gotion High-Tech’s digital transformation, construction, and development. This partnership will further strengthen Gotion’s foundation in intelligent manufacturing and pave the way for its future digital development.

In the cooperation between Gotion High-tech and BASF, both parties will further expand their cooperation based on the existing partnership to jointly develop and promote the application of relevant chemical materials in the field of batteries, leveraging their strong core technologies. Both parties expect that through this deepened collaboration, they can collectively drive technological innovation and advance material science in the battery industry.