GearUP’s Hyperev Gaming Router: From 25ms to 4ms Ping

MILAN, Dec. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Online gaming improvement service GearUP is excited to announce remarkable results from its collaboration with Exeed Esports at Milan Games Week in partnership with Open Fiber and Grana Padano. A milestone not only of hard work and dedication to gamers but also a leap forward in the realm of online gaming improvement technology. GearUP reached a constant internet connection of 4ms ping during the whole Milan Games Week fair, regardless of the infrastructure provided.

GearUP Reached a Constant Internet Connection of 4ms Ping

Everyone who has played games online knows how important a low ping is. Real-time, fluid and dynamic gameplay is possible almost anywhere, and that’s what GearUP proved at its stand during the busy event. Tested with all available gaming consoles, Hyperev brings a technology that makes low ping possible even in the trickiest environment. Fairs such as the Milan Games Week demand a reliable connection, but always face limitations with supply considering the high number of visitors and users at crowded stands. Despite that, GearUP achieved a reduction to a lightning fast 4ms ping, a significant improvement to the 25ms benchmark of the fair and therefore providing the fastest connection possible at the entire event.

The star of the show at Milan Games Week was cutting-edge router Hyperev, featuring GearUP’s revolutionary technology and a game-changer in every sense. Its simple setup, sleek design and link to the GearUP Console Booster make Hyperev a must-have for players looking for the best and fastest connection available. Hyperev and GearUP Console Booster find the optimal route to game servers, resulting in the best possible performance.

Booth visitors also had the chance to stay for pictures, posters, autographs and chats with some of the most popular local content creators. Holywood, Riberaribell, Obrun, Virgil, Artor, P1BO, SniperPigna and Dukethesituation all use GearUP when gaming and were available for meet & greets with the community. GearUP also offered each attendee an exclusive 7-days free access to GearUP Booster for PC along with other giveaways from Exeed, Open Fiber and Grana Padano.

The Gaming Area at Milan Games Week was a hub of excitement and innovation. Attendees could test the power of GearUP Booster and Hyperev firsthand. Especially with the latter, attendees witnessed how much internet speed can improve in real-time.

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