GA technologies accelerate M&A business. SPICA CONSULTING agreed on a business synergy partnership to provide a tech-driven M&A solution for customers

TOKYO, June 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GA technologies Co., Ltd. announced the news that the company is acquiring the stock shares of SPICACONSULTING Co., Ltd. fully to complete a business merger partnership with an agreement between the two parties. SPICACONSULTING Co., Ltd. is a company that provides industry specialized business mergers and acquisitions (M&A) consulting service to businesses looking for such a solution and advice to upgrade business value (Headquarters: Minato-Ku, Tokyo; Hereinafter as SPICACONSULTING). The stock share acquisition agreement was signed between the two parties on the 14th of June 2023, with more details provided below.

The process of the transfer of the stocks will be completed and be officially effective on the 3rd of July 2023. The two parties will be moving on to the step of discussing strategies for business synergy and partnership.

Along with the current subsidiary of GA technologies group, MtechA Co., Ltd. which is utilizing AI technology in the process of M&A business counseling; the two together shall provide a more comprehensive solution service to our customers. Eventually, leads to the acceleration of our M&A business growth and to acquire bigger market share. We are planning to provide a M&A business matching platform with the combination of tech elements from MtechA and the consulting skill from SPICACONSULTING. It is going to be a tech-driven consulting service that offers a one-stop solution to our customers. The service aims for helping our customers to realize their goals of achieving business synergy.

Key Highlights

The announcement of a business merger agreement between GA technologies and SPICACONSULTING, an industry specialized business mergers & acquisitions solution consulting firm. By combining the tech strength of our group company, MtechA and the newly joined SPICA CONSULTING with its counseling techniques; we are able to provide the market with a tech-driven M&A solution platform service. GA technologies would be able to provide a more elaborate one-step asset management service to our customers.

Our intention for the business partnership this time

Since GA technologies established its business in 2013, our mission has always been “Creating a world-leading company that inspires people through technology x innovation.” Our goal is to push the old-fashioned real estate industry in Japan to catch up with the digital transformation happening in all industries. We have been expanding our business practices into various fields besides real estate. One of the steps we have taken is to start the provision of M&A consulting service for corporations using AI technology know-how (The service is provided by sub company MtechA).

On the other hand, the joining of SPICACONSULTING will allow us to provide a more comprehensive M&A consultation to our customers by adding SPICA CONSULTING’s soft skill of “professional counseling”. We are able to provide a strategic advising service to both sides of our customers (The transferer and the transferee) in the process of M&A. This is going to place GA technologies in a more competitive position against our competitors.

By combining the strengths of both GA technologies and SPICA CONSULTING in tech aspect and soft skill aspect will make our M&A business grow faster and to offer customers a more elaborate customer experience in the future. What our customers will get is a one-step asset management solution with extra options of real estate and finance commodities that comes along with its M&A consultation service. By doing so, we shall be able to achieve a synergy effect of our existing services as well.

Background of the business partnership this time

GA technologies started out as a prop tech company with the development and the operation of a total one-step real estate service “RENOSY”. We then expanded ourselves into the SaaS development industry, which is the second pillar that supports our business, also known as “ITANDI”. We are cultivating our third pillar for our business which is the M&A business by the partnership with MtechA Co., Ltd. in August 2022 as the first step. We believe that by utilizing our tech strengths in this industry is going to allow us to provide a more transparent customer experience to our customers.

The reason why we decided to step into this industry is the market potential of the M&A business. The number of owners looking for business mergers and acquisition opportunities are increasing over the years in Japan due to lack of manpower to succeed the business. Topics of M&A is gaining attention in Japanese society; however, the way the process works is still old-fashioned in this country. By adding the strengths from SPICACONSULTING could speed up our progress in taking more market share.

Schedule for signing the agreement

Board meeting for partnership discussion

June 14, 2023

Agreement signing

June 14, 2023

The official partnership in effect

(Scheduled for changes)

July 3, 2023

Comments from the two CEO about the business partnership this time

SPICACONSULTING Co., Ltd. Hayao Nakahara

“SPICACONSULTING has been helping many of our customers to achieve a greater value of their businesses through our consultation and support. We are specialized in specific industries M&A consultation and business support. For SPICACONSULTING alone it will be hard to elaborate the technology elements into our service smoothly, but with the business partnership with GA technologies, I believe that we would be able to form a stronger force to create something innovative in the industry together.”

“The mission of SPICACONSULTING will not change and will always be bringing a brighter future to our customers’ businesses through M&A solutions. Helping our customers to achieve the best value of their businesses shall always be our first priority.”

GA technologies Co., Ltd. Ryo Higuchi

“The mission of GA technologies is to create a world-leading company that inspires people through technology x innovation. Under such a business value, starting with AI, we combine both technology and manpower to provide an efficient and smooth customer experience through the synergy of online and offline.”

“There are many issues that exist in both the real estate industry and the M&A industry waiting to be solved. By incorporating the soft consultation skill of SPICACONSULTING and technology know-how of GA technologies, we want to provide a tech-driven medium to help our customers tackle various issues occurring in their businesses. I am excited to have all the awesome members led by Mr. Nakahara to join the GA group. We are a group of members sharing the same value and aiming for the same goal to create a new set of values and bring in more innovative ideas into the M&A industry.”


Company name: SPICACONSULTING Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hayao Nakahara
Website link:
Headquarters: Minami- Aoyama 3-1-3, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Year of founding: August 23, 2022
Capital fund: 50,000,000 yen
Services provided:

M&A Advising business Business consultation, support

GA technologies Co., Ltd.

Company name: GA technologies Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ryo Higuchi
Website link:
Headquarters: 40F of Sumitomo real estate Roppongi Grand Tower, Roppongi 3-2-1, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Year of founding: March 2013
Capital fund: 7,261,734,937 yen (By April 2023)
Services provided:

Internet real estate marketplace business: RENOSY BtoB PropTech SaaS development

Group partners: GA technologies group: ITANDI, RENOSY PLUS, Shenjumiausuan and 12 other group companies

CONTACT: Judy Yu, Phone: +81-3-6230-9180

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