FutureDial’s New Decision Manager™ Automates Workflows at Mobile Device Refurbishing Operations

Customizable system automates “if-then” workflow decision handling and routing of mobile devices undergoing refurbishment processing at mobile supply chain warehouses

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FutureDial Incorporated, the leading provider of automation, information and logistics management solutions for the mobile device industry, announced the launch of its newest innovation ― Decision Manager™, which automates “if-then” business rule decision-making for processing pre-owned mobile phones in refurbishing warehouses.

For over 20 years, FutureDial has been delivering innovations for the reverse logistics industry in the mobile supply chain. Decision Manager™ is the latest addition to FutureDial’s proven platform of automation solutions with cutting-edge technology for the mobile phone refurbishment industry.  Over 1.5 billion tests have been performed on mobile devices with FutureDial solutions.

Innovative Technology Enhances Decision-Making at Refurbishment Facilities
Decision Manager™ automates decision-making at warehouse operations, providing automated guidance to expedite handling and routing decisions, reducing bottlenecks and errors. The system automates customer’s predefined business rules to provide timely and precise guidance throughout the processing line, expediting workflow and improving efficiency.

According to Angel Anderson, FutureDial’s Product Solution Manager, “We designed Decision Manager to automate the customer-specific ‘if-then’ business rules and logic which drive everything about how a mobile device is processed and handled at various touchpoints in a refurbishment operation. Flexible workflows are seamlessly applied device by device.  Each device’s unique condition drives individual decisions and routing.  This system is special in that it doesn’t just assign  the same routing for batches of devices; it’s all situationally determined, based on the unique device flowing at that time.”

Removing the Guesswork from Processing Decisions
Decision Manager™ is customizable to different use cases throughout the processing operation. FutureDial’s Chief Strategy Officer, Steve Manning, spoke about the removal of guesswork, enhancement of decision-making and streamlining of workflows for mobile device processing: “We are excited to bring this game-changing technology to the market. Decision Manager is extremely flexible across a variety of use cases. The system streamlines operator workflows, to process more phones in less time and with greater efficiency.”

Standalone or Integrates with Customer Systems
Decision Manager™ can operate as a standalone product or it can be integrated with other FutureDial solutions such as SMART Receive™, as well as with a customer’s existing Warehouse Management System or other external systems. As a cloud-based solution, Decision Manager™ is not software that is installed, rather it integrates with other systems and there are no hardware components needed.

Angel Anderson explains that “a key advantage of Decision Manager is that no extensive hard-coding of customer-specific ‘if-then’ logic is needed at the customer’s system-level; just some straightforward integration is all that is needed. This task is outsourced to the system’s cloud level, saving engineering time and effort on the customer side. The system is highly customizable and easily adaptable to unique business rules, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure and scalable for growth.”

Easy Configuration for Effective Deployment
Decision Manager™ is designed for easy configuration of rule profiles and easy operation. Admins use a simple console to create, select and load the “if-then” business rule profiles they need for their operations, and all systems interact with Decision Manager™ via the Cloud interface. This provides customers with a centralized location to store and easily configure their business rules (“if-then” decision/condition logic) for all touchpoints in their mobile device processing operation.

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