FICG PRIME Wins Big: Coherent “GARNET Supplier Award 2024”

TAIPEI, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PRIME, a part of FICG AI Business company and a 30-year-seasoned player in the world of electronic design and manufacturing for AI optical network and transceiver, is celebrating a remarkable feat – the third consecutive win of the prestigious Coherent Global Supplier Excellence Award, specifically the “GARNET Supplier Award 2024.” This achievement underscores PRIME’s commitment to excellence and its leadership in the field.

FICG PRIME Wins Big: Coherent “GARNET Supplier Award 2024”

Coherent Global Supplier Awards are given in recognition of a supplier’s excellence in collaborating with Coherent to achieve the highest levels of performance, innovation, and service. Only the highest-achieving suppliers are awarded this honor.

PRIME’s three-year streak of winning the Coherent Supplier Awards highlights its exceptional performance and leadership in electronic design and manufacturing service for AI optical network and transceiver business. The company remains committed to providing top-quality solutions while driving progress in the industry.

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