FIC AR HUD: Innovative Technology Elevating the Driving Experience to New Heights

TAIPEI, Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Driven by advances in technology, the automotive industry is witnessing a revolutionary innovation: Augmented Reality Head-Up Display (AR HUD). This technology has been transforming the driving experience, providing unprecedented convenience and safety for drivers.

FIC AR HUD provides ADAS info, navigation, car speed, traffic warning to drivers’ fields of views.

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For safety reason and to avoid watching the Cluster or the IVI info by lower your head down, FIC AR HUD is designed to let the drivers keep their heads up and pay more attention on the road, giving them more convenient ways to experience better driving behavior.

FIC AR HUD is uniquely designed based on the LBS technology, which brings up high contrast, high brightness, and low power consumption. The AR images projected through the device give great clarity under multiple driving situations, such as direct sunlight, night, cloudy, heavy fog, and even on a rainy day.

Providing the high-resolution AR image under FOV angle from 6~42 degrees and the VID of 3~50 meters are the leading spotting lights of FIC AR HUD. Seven algorithms are designed to integrate with the road and traffic environment, combining the virtual and the reality together to make driving safe and convenient.

In addition to navigation, vehicle speed, vehicle information, and ADAS information, FIC AR HUD includes driver monitoring systems and driver behavior systems, to enhance the safety of the driving experience. FIC Laser AR HUD is on the road to advanced AR HUD and plans ahead to become the portal of the In-Vehicle Metaverse.

Car manufacturers have also widely applied AR HUD technology, making it a standard feature in most new vehicles. The popularity of AR HUD allows more drivers to enjoy the various benefits it brings. Car designs have become more stylish and futuristic, and drivers take pride in owning a vehicle equipped with AR HUD.

The development of AR HUD technology opens up further possibilities for the future driving experience. With continuous technological innovations, AR HUD designs will become more refined, and compact, while offering higher image resolutions and realism. Additionally, AR HUD will further evolve in terms of intelligent interaction features such as voice recognition, gesture control, and eye-tracking, enabling more intelligent and convenient interactions between drivers and HUD.

Drivers can move their visions on the front road, that keep their sights focusing on the road safety.

FIC AR HUD design uses the LBS to project which makes the image visible in the natural sunlight.

With sunlight readable UI and FOV 6-42 degree, VID 3-50m, driver eyeball tracking to make the driving safer.

FIC AR HUD was recognized for its innovative design, engineering characteristics in CES Award.

AR technology developed by FIC design on purpose to become the key portals into in-vehicle Metaverse.