Enjoy Chewable Ice: Oraimo Introduces the Nugget Ice Maker for Modern Living

NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the holiday season approaches, Oraimo has unwrapped a noteworthy addition to its product lineup—a cutting-edge ice maker, Nugget Ice Maker Series OIM-512A, that promises to elevate the home ice experience to new heights. Scheduled for launch on the 18th of December, this innovative appliance arrives as a thoughtful gift to usher in the Christmas and New Year.

oraimo Nugget Ice Maker 512A

At the heart of Oraimo Nugget Ice Maker Series OIM-512A is the appliance’s unique ability to produce Nugget (Sonic) Ice—a feature that distinguishes it from conventional ice makers. Sonic Ice chills drinks quickly and does not melt as quickly as crushed ice. Comprising small, chewable pellets, this distinct ice variant has garnered attention for its satisfying crunch and tooth-friendly characteristics. 

In terms of performance, the ice maker boasts an impressive capacity, producing up to 37 pounds (17 kg) of Nugget Ice daily. The incorporation of an upgraded compressor, enhancing refrigeration efficiency, and upgraded fans, minimizing noise levels, aligns the appliance with contemporary consumer demands for eco-conscious and user-friendly technology.

Measuring a modest 12.8DxW9.57×14.9H inches and 26.7 Pounds, Oraimo Nugget Ice Maker is almost the size of an ordinary pressure cooker. Its space-saving design lends itself to easy integration onto most countertops. The minimalist dimensions further enable convenient storage when the appliance is not in use, catering to the practical considerations of modern living.

A notable feature in Oraimo Nugget Ice Maker is the automatic cleaning function, which allows users to activate the self-cleaning mechanism with a mere press of the “CLEAN” button for 3 seconds. This not only streamlines maintenance but also ensures optimal hygiene, an essential factor in the realm of food-related appliances. Notably, Oraimo Nugget Ice Maker comes equipped with a 14ft. long drainage pipe for easy water discharge after the self-cleaning water circulation, eliminating the need to lift a heavy machine or deal with bottom holes, as seen in traditional mini ice makers from other brands.

Operating on a principle of simplicity, the ice maker prides itself on a one-click start mechanism. To add a personal touch, the appliance is available in two colors, with more exciting colors in the pipeline for future releases, allowing users to choose a finish that complements their kitchen aesthetics.

To celebrate the launch, oraimo is offering viewers a limited code for 5% off their purchase by going to the Amazon store, searching for oraimo 512A, and using the code “oraimo512A” at purchase.
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All oraimo ice makers come with a 1-year standard warranty plus a 1-year extended warranty on the official website.

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