Does Monport Laser Really Give Away Two Accessories at Black Friday?

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Get ready for the most anticipated shopping event of the year – Black Friday! Monport Laser, a leading company in fiber laser engraver technology, is excited to bring an extra element of excitement to this extraordinary day. Is it true that Monport Laser gives away two accessories during Black Friday? The answer is definitely yes. What’s more, customers have the flexibility to choose the accessories they want or use gift cards for their purchases.

As a renowned manufacturer of laser engraving machines, Monport is excited to announce its highly anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday Events. From today until November 30th, customers can take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to purchase top-of-the-line laser engravers and cutters at unbeatable prices. As part of the Monport Black Friday Event, one of the biggest surprises awaits – when you purchase any fiber laser engraver, you will receive 2 free accessories of your choice or a gift card worth $150. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer to elevate your engraving capabilities with Monport Laser’s cutting-edge technology.

Introducing Monport Laser’s Impressive Fiber Laser Engraver Line

Designed to provide unparalleled precision and reliability, Monport laser marking machines are the ultimate tool for achieving precise metal marking. With the ability to mark a variety of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and hard plastic, Monport Laser’s fiber laser engravers offer efficiency and accuracy that will elevate your engraving projects to new levels.

Monport Laser’s fiber laser engraver line features a range of models and options to suit customers’ specific needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights:

Monport GI Integrated MOPA Fiber Laser Series: This series combines cutting-edge design, precision, and vibrant color-marking capabilities. Available in 20W, 30W, and 60W models, each printer features electric focus lifting and full compatibility with LightBurn software. During Black Friday, customers can enjoy up to $2300 off for the GI series.

Monport GP Integrated Fiber Laser Series: Uniting innovation, precision, and user-friendly design, these integrated fiber laser engravers come in 20W, 30W, and 50W models. They offer exceptional marking capability, precise electric focus lifting, and the ultimate convenience of LightBurn software compatibility. As an exceptional Black Friday offer, customers have the chance to save up to 32% on the GI series.

Split Fiber 20-50W Laser Engravers: Monport’s split fiber laser engravers are some of the most advanced in the market. With a fiber laser head and a stepper motor control system, they achieve high-speed scanning and long-term stability, ensuring top-notch results. During the Black Friday sale, customers can take advantage of a remarkable discount of up to $1400 off the Split Fiber series.

Find The Best Free Accessories For Fiber Laser Engraver

Monport Laser offers a wide range of fiber accessories to enhance your fiber laser engraving experience. Some of the fiber accessories available include:

Fiber Lens: Monport offers various fiber laser lenses, such as 150×150, 200×200, and 300×300, to achieve precise and accurate engraving results.

Rotary Attachment: The 80mm three-jaw rotary axis attachment with a scale dial is designed exclusively for fiber engravers. It allows you to engrave on cylindrical or rounded objects with precision.

LightBurn Software – Galvo License Key: This software license key is specifically for fiber laser engravers. It provides advanced control and functionality for Galvo laser systems.

F-Theta Lens Adjust Mount: Made of durable aluminum, this lens adjust mount allows for fine-tuning and adjustment of the F-theta lens for optimal engraving results.

Replacement Optical Scanning Lens: Monport offers a range of powerful F-theta lenses for different field sizes, including 70x70mm, 110x110mm, 150x150mm, 175x175mm, 200x200mm, and 300x300mm. These lenses are ideal for laser marking, engraving, material processing, and cutting.

By using these fiber accessories, you can enhance the capabilities and versatility of your fiber laser engraver, allowing you to create stunning and precise engraving designs.

Purchasing any fiber laser engraver entitles customers to either two complimentary accessories of their choosing or a $150 gift card. This gift card empowers customers to select their preferred products, giving them the freedom to personalize their engraving experience. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to elevate your engraving capabilities at no extra cost.

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