Dobot Unveils the Revolutionary CRA Series at iREX 2023 in Japan

TOKYO, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dobot Robotics, a leading industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven collaborative robots, took the spotlight at iREX 2023. At stand E3-25, Dobot unveiled the new collaborative robots of CRA Series and the associated VX500 Smart Camera for the first time in Japan, and also showcased a range of innovative solutions with partners.

Dobot Unveils the Revolutionary CRA Series at iREX 2023 in Japan

“The new CRA series comprises 7 robot models with payloads from 3 kg to 20 kg and working radii from 620 mm to 1,700 mm, thus expanding the range of high-performance and easy-to-use cobot solutions. Compared to the previous model, the CRA cobots offer a more powerful gearbox that shortens a work cycle by an average of 25 percent. ” said Yi Feng, Regional Head of Dobot Japan. “We have presented the CR20A palletizing solution as a representative of this new series. With a 20 kg payload and 1700 mm reach, it redefines cobots, and opens up new paths in the areas of heavy-duty sorting, packaging, and welding in industries such as automotive, household appliances, logistics, and metalworking and so on.”

The AMMR (Autonomous Mobile Manipulator Robot), capable of unrestricted mobility for various tasks, drew considerable attention. It integrates SLAM, laser navigation, and human-machine interaction for transportation and pick-and-place, featuring precise navigation, proactive safety measures, and easy-to-use software for safe collaborations.

In addition to offering advanced cobots for the industrial sector, Dobot also provides comprehensive educational robot solutions for various age groups, supporting both education and research. The Magician E6, tailored for education and research, integrates 2.5D visual recognition. Paired with Dobot’s spatial compensation technology, it achieves remarkable ±0.26 mm accuracy, empowering precision in grasping tilted objects by compensating for height and tilt variations.

Another popular exhibit is the MG400 training platform. It features the MG400 robot, which is only the size of a standard A4 paper, marks a breakthrough in small-batch flexible production automation, prioritizing safety, ease of use, and swift deployment.

Meanwhile, Dobot was also showcasing a variety of advanced cobot solutions. Notably, the 3D Vision Cobot integrates 3D vision technology for heightened spatial awareness. The Cobot Instant Positioning Device facilitates instant and precise robot positioning, enhancing workflow efficiency. Vision Camera Workpiece Inspection system leverages advanced vision camera technology for efficient workpiece inspection. Furthermore, the Cobot Assembly + AI Image Recognition System seamlessly integrates robot assembly with AI image recognition, advancing automation and intelligent manufacturing.

“As the cobot manufacturer ranked first in Chinese exports for five consecutive years, Dobot is honored to introduce more new products to the Japanese market. We hope that Dobot’s cobots can assist various industries and applications in Japan in achieving automation, thereby freeing up more labor for higher-value work,” said Yi Feng. “Currently, Dobot has sold out of 68,000 cobots, exported to over 100 countries and regions globally. In the future, we will continue to focus on the education, industrial, and commercial sectors, providing users with high-quality solutions and localized services.”