Dispelix and Avegant launch a new AR reference display module at the AWE 2023, USA

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dispelix, a leading see-through waveguide developer for XR, together with Avegant, a renowned developer of miniaturized LED light engines, are excited to unveil a new jointly executed reference display module.

This collaborative effort showcases AR glasses with consumer-ready visual quality in an everyday wearable form factor, with components available to buy today. The design is based on Dispelix Selvä – a thin, light, and bright LED waveguide combiner – and Avegant’s latest light engine AG-30L2, which has a significantly smaller footprint than the previous-generation engine. The components used in the design are high-performing and mass manufacturable.

“As a component developer and supplier, we want to ensure maximum compatibility for our waveguide technology, making close collaboration and partnerships with projector manufacturers hugely important,” says Pia Harju, VP of Business Development at Dispelix. “Optimized component compatibility creates a unique opportunity for any manufacturer to utilize the combination as a turnkey solution, today.”

“A joint reference display module with Avegant allows us to provide our customers with the opportunity to experience our technology,” continues Harju. “Our mission at Dispelix is to help XR leaders realize their product visions for everyday XR glasses. For this reason, we find it extremely important to demonstrate our technology in a form factor that has the look and feel of ordinary glasses. In the future, we look forward to also showcasing our technology in reference designs that have been executed with OEM partners.”

“Our AG-30L2 incorporates innovative illumination and optical designs to significantly reduce the light engine volume, enabling our customers to build true glasses like form factor products. The AG-30L2 is in production now and is seeing incredible adoption and excitement from customers due to its small form factor and performance. We are excited to provide this engine together with the Dispelix Selvä waveguide to offer customers turnkey reference display module designs.” says Ed Tang, CEO of Avegant.

AWE (Augmented World Expo) is the world’s biggest conference and expo that bring together professionals involved in augmented reality, virtual reality and wearable technology. Launching the new reference display module at AWE offers a unique opportunity to showcase AR enthusiasts, customers and media, what can be achieved with the components already available in the market.


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