SigTech Enters APAC to Bring Industry-leading Investment Technologies to Local Customers

SYDNEY, June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SigTech, a leading provider of investment technologies, announces its entry into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market. Building upon its recent partnerships with three of Australia’s top ten superannuation funds, SigTech is expanding its operations to better serve local customers and capitalize on the immense growth potential within the region.

“In today’s macro environment, there is a clear need for innovative and differentiated technology solutions to challenges in trading and investing,” said Amy Wu, the newly appointed APAC Regional Director at SigTech. “Our expansion into APAC is a strategic move towards meeting this increasing demand. Our customers here have different demands from the rest of the world. By being close to them, we are able to offer them the best support.”

Over the past decade, SigTech has been meticulously developing its quant technologies with a singular mission – to simplify the investment process. The firm aims to remove the need for expensive infrastructure build outs by providing users with immediate access to curated datasets, and Python-based analytics in the cloud.

“As a former chief investment officer in a hedge fund, I appreciate the complexity of the daily work lives of our customers. They are under constant pressure to digest new information about the world, generate new ideas, implement, test and deploy them before opportunities in the market disappear,” said Bin Ren, SigTech’s founder and CEO. “Our Python-native SaaS platform is designed by finance practitioners for practitioners. It takes care of all the engineering of cloud infrastructure, data and analytics so that users can focus on beating the market.”

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About SigTech

SigTech offers quant technologies in a SaaS platform to hedge funds, asset managers and asset owners.  It specializes in macro strategies and cross asset allocation with operationally-ready datasets across a wide range of financial instruments. Our platform ingests, cleans and validates financial data, and provides the tools to research, build, and deploy customized strategies – providing users an edge in alpha generation.

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