Clinch integrates with LinkedIn Recruiter for the latest evolution in recruitment technology: LinkedIn CRM Connect

NEW YORK, Oct. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Clinch, a leading provider of cutting-edge talent attraction technology, is proud to announce an extension of its relationship with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network.

At LinkedIn’s annual Talent Connect conference, the company unveiled a new integration: LinkedIn CRM Connect. Clinch is thrilled to be among the first companies to collaborate with LinkedIn on this exciting new integration, set to launch in the coming months. 

LinkedIn CRM Connect connects Clinch’s Candidate Relationship Management system to LinkedIn Recruiter to help talent professionals simplify the hiring workflow, save time building talent pipelines, and nurture candidate relationships with up-to-date candidate insights from LinkedIn. 

The integration, which is only available for LinkedIn Recruiter seat-holders, will allow Clinch customers to enhance their CRM experience. With CRM Connect, recruiting teams will receive the following benefits:

Access robust, up-to-date candidate insights Work more efficiently across LinkedIn Recruiter and Clinch Achieve more impactful candidate nurture

Clinch is proud to offer its customers an early adopter advantage, allowing them to be among the first to explore this innovative hiring solution.

Fiona Moreton, Chief Product Officer of Clinch, expressed her enthusiasm about the integration, stating, “This collaboration represents a significant step forward in simplifying sourcing for recruiters, giving them access to the latest candidate insights and streamlining their experience. CRM users can now easily view a candidate’s LinkedIn profile in real-time, without leaving Clinch. We’re always working to enhance our product to provide greater value to our users, allowing them to save time in candidate attraction and nurture.  This integration is an exciting addition to the overall CRM experience.” 

“Building on our successful collaboration with PageUp, we’re excited to expand our relationship with Clinch and introduce CRM Connect with LinkedIn. This extension of features to Clinch CRM means our customers can now enjoy the same advantages as Recruiter System Connect, including streamlined sourcing and more time spent efficiently nurturing quality candidates. With the latest LinkedIn profile insights and relevant CRM data seamlessly integrated into LinkedIn Recruiter and Clinch, this enhancement paves the way for creating more personalized, engaging, and effective candidate experiences.” – Scott Roberts, VP of Business Development at LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn CRM Connect will be available to customers in early 2024.

About Clinch

At Clinch, we’re on a mission to transform the way companies attract, nurture and engage talent with our revolutionary Recruitment Marketing Suite. The suite includes intelligent career sites featuring a self-service CMS, powerful automation, employee-generated content tools, and a high-performance recruitment CRM. All this is underpinned by in-depth analytics to help organizations fine-tune their strategies and prove ROI. With seamless integrations, it’s a natural extension of the talent acquisition stack: streamlining workflows, enhancing candidate experience, and empowering recruitment teams to work smarter, not harder. Backed by our industry-leading customer support —- we provide all the tools for companies to source the best talent, faster.

Clinch is proud to be a part of the PageUp group.