Embrace the Future of Cloud and Network Towards Digitalisation

– eSurfing Cloud Global Tour · Asia Pacific Event in Singapore

HONG KONG, Oct. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — China Telecom (Asia Pacific) is thrilled to announce the resounding success of the event titled “Embrace the Future of Cloud and Network Towards Digitalisation” at the Pan Pacific Singapore. The event witnessed the participation of more than 200 business professionals, with attendees joining us both in person and virtually, marking the commencement of eSurfing Cloud’s global promotional journey. This Singapore conference marked the inception of eSurfing Cloud’s global promotional expedition, building on the success of its inaugural conference in Hong Kong on June 16, 2023.

China Telecom Global Executive Vice President, Mr Li Kang, and President of Chinese Enterprise Association (Singapore), Mr Tan Zhi Yong, were honoured as guest speakers during the event’s opening session. Mr Li Kang extended his appreciation to the Chinese Enterprise Association (Singapore), valued clients, and industry partners for their trust and continuous support over the years. Mr Li emphasised, “eSurfing Cloud has officially expanded into the Asia-Pacific region, marking a significant step by China Telecom in its deep commitment to the Asia-Pacific region and its efforts to drive digital transformation in the Asia-Pacific.”

Invited guest, President of Chinese Enterprise Association (Singapore), Mr Tan Zhi Yong mentioned, “China Telecom Asia Pacific has firmly established its presence in Singapore, and it has made significant contributions to Singapore’s digital economic development, social progress, and improvements in people’s lives. This fully showcases the positive role played by Chinese enterprises based in Singapore. We hope that everyone will work together to advance Singapore’s technological innovation to new heights, continually enhancing Singapore’s development capabilities”.

During the knowledge-sharing sessions, Managing Director of China Telecom Asia Pacific, Mr. Eason Cheng, Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Cloud Core Platform of China Telecom Global, also shared on eSurfing Cloud’s development history and core advantages. He outlined the overseas resource deployment and product system of eSurfing Cloud. He placed special emphasis on China Telecom’s unique advantages in infrastructure and security, and its commitment to providing excellent services to help businesses achieve digital transformation. Mr. Li Qing, Managing Director of China Telecom (Asia Pacific), shed light on eSurfing Cloud’s strategy in the Asia Pacific. He also presented solutions for various industry businesses to transition to the cloud, based on industry research data. Through case studies, he emphasised eSurfing Cloud’s unique advantages in assisting Chinese enterprises in their global expansion efforts and foreign enterprises in entering the Chinese market.

A formal MOU signing ceremony was conducted, bringing together China Telecom Global and Feishu, China Telecom Asia Pacific and China Life Insurance (Singapore), China Aviation Oil (Singapore), and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Singapore). Distinguished guests also delivered insightful presentations on the event about win-win partnership and digital transformation.

The conference also included the eSurfing Cloud Asia-Pacific Launch Ceremony, which was attended by Mr. Li Kang, Executive Vice President of China Telecom Global, Mr. Li Qing, Managing Director of China Telecom (Asia Pacific), Mr. Tan Zhi Yong, President of China Enterprises Association (Singapore), CEO of MCC Singapore, Mr. He Bin, Vice President of Feishu, Mr. Howard Chen, Managing Director of Yonyou (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Mr. Lin Yi, CEO of China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation Ltd, Mr. Lin Xiang Yang, Chief Executive of China Life Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd, and Mr. Yang Yu, Managing Director of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Singapore Branch. Amid the countdown, they collectively witnessed the new journey of the eSurfing Cloud Global Tour’s Asia Pacific stop. Embracing the future of cloud and network towards digitalisation, let’s eagerly anticipate eSurfing Cloud setting sail in Singapore and venturing into the global arena!

Furthermore, the conference set up different exhibition areas on-site, utilizing various formats such as videos and interactive cloud showrooms to showcase China Telecom Global’s global resources and IDC business, eSurfing Cloud’s overseas cloud-network infrastructure layout, and industry case studies. Expert presentations and Q&A sessions were arranged to facilitate face-to-face interactions and discussions with participants, exploring the future of cloud computing, seeking opportunities for cooperation and win-win partnerships, and expanding globally.

China Telecom actively practices the concept of integrated cloud and network, and strives to build technological cloud, intelligent cloud, and secure cloud solutions. With a steadfast commitment to technological innovation, China Telecom Global’s eSurfing Cloud has undergone a comprehensive upgrade to eSurfing Cloud 4.0, a distributed cloud platform. Adhering to the four-in-one security concept of cloud foundation security, network security, data security, and information security, eSurfing Cloud effectively meets the security requirements of international customers. By providing output and integration capabilities of “one cloud, multiple cores” and “one cloud, multiple forms,” along with comprehensive fusion management, eSurfing Cloud is fully dedicated to promoting enterprise information construction and injecting new momentum into the global digital transformation of businesses.

Embrace the Future of Cloud and Network Towards Digitalisation. China Telecom Global will continue to uphold its vision of empowering the digital transformation of various industries. It will leverage the advantages of integrated cloud and network, deepen global cooperation, and jointly create a global cloud ecosystem. Together with global enterprises, China Telecom eSurfing Cloud will embrace the digital wave and embark on a transformative path of rapid development.