Chipsea CSC2E101 as the First EC Chip Included in Intel PCL from Chinese Mainland

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, CSC2E101, a 32-bit high-performance EC chip developed by a Chinese listed company Chipsea (stock code: 688595), successfully entered the Intel PCL (Platform Component List) sequence, making it the first domestic EC chip in Chinese mainland satisfactory to international industrial standards and recognized by Intel, a global PC industry leader. The PCL, as an important reference for ODM/OEM selection, contains Intel-verified devices for the latest platforms.

Chipsea CSC2E101, High-Integration, High-Security and Easy-to-Develop 32-bit EC for Laptop

As a “housekeeper” chip for laptop and desktop motherboards, the EC provides functions such as startup & shutdown management, low power management, mouse and keyboard management, and communication management. For a long time, EC chips have been mainly monopolized by Taiwan and US companies.

Chipsea EC chip CSC2E101 debuted worldwide at the COMPUTEX Taipei in this May. With international advanced specifications, the product features high integration, high security, low power consumption and easy development. In terms of security performance, CSC2E101 is designed from the encryption technology at the hardware level to better build a data security firewall for users. In terms of low power design, with less than 6uA power consumption in VBAT mode, the product outperforms world-class counterparts at the relevant technical indicators. Moreover, in addition to traditional EC features, it integrates atmosphere lamp, breathing lamp, PD3.0 /Type-C and other features.

It is understood that the laptop EC, PD, HapticPad and other products of Chipsea have been under large-scale mass production for industry benchmark customers at present, and more technical reserves will be released in the future.

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