36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform Enters into Strategic Marketing Collaboration with Lenovo Group

BEIJING, Oct. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 36Kr Holdings Inc. (“36Kr” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: KRKR), a prominent brand and pioneering platform dedicated to serving New Economy participants in China, today announced that its Enterprise Service Review Platform has entered into strategic cooperation with Lenovo, a renowned Fortune Global 500 Company. 36Kr will provide in-depth marketing services designed to empower Lenovo’s business unit targeting small- and medium-sized businesses (“Lenovo SMB”) with customer acquisition solutions, as well as improve its brand influence.

Under the cooperation, 36Kr will provide a broad array of value-added services, including precise customer acquisition, brand management and interactive marketing, among others. Leveraging its advanced big data analytics, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform will identify effective marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for Lenovo SMB. At the same time, the platform will extend Lenovo’s reach among potential customers through diverse marketing campaigns, such as live streaming events, specialized forums and evaluation reports. Notably, 36Kr and Lenovo jointly created a content channel targeting “specialized, refined, differentiated and innovative” enterprises to enhance Lenovo’s brand influence and empower small- and medium-sized enterprises to expand their businesses. The Lenovo-sponsored channel was launched on 36Kr’s official website in August this year.

Incubated in the latter half of 2020, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform is dedicated to becoming the go-to destination for enterprises to efficiently identify, research and procure SaaS products. To this end, the platform has developed a full set of proprietary marketing solutions, including sales leads acquisition, retention, conversion and marketing campaigns to assist SaaS providers in acquiring customers with precision targeting. Meanwhile, through its accumulated authentic user reviews and comments, the platform also enables buyers to select the best and most appropriate SaaS solutions as they navigate the digital transformation and upgrading process. Notably, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform covers nearly all leading brands as well as many mid-range brands and other widely-known brands in China’s SaaS industry, and has pioneered industry classification standards. Furthermore, as an independent third-party platform, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform continuously improves its product matrix, focusing on its product library, user review library, key influencer database and knowledge graph library in an effort to create a “Magic Quadrant” style research resource for China’s enterprise services industry, while also ensuring the platform’s objectivity, fairness and authority.

Since its establishment, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform has seen rapid growth in its main operating metrics. As of the second quarter of 2022, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform had showcased a total of over 6,600 mainstream SaaS products, spanning enterprise services software across 16 sectors and 200 industries with broad coverage of leading and well-known SaaS brands. More excitingly, the Enterprise Service Review Platform’s monthly active users (MAUs) reached approximately 900,000 during the second quarter, a more than 18-fold increase compared with the same period of last year. The number of authentic reviews climbed 17 times year-over-year to over 32,000, up 56% sequentially, and the number of registered SaaS merchants on the platform also continued to grow, reaching almost 900 to date. On the commercialization front, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform has established business partnerships with a wide range of renowned enterprise software brands, including Volcano Engine, Kingdee, Beisen, Polyv, HiteVision, and EC SCRM.

Mr. Feng Dagang, 36Kr’s co-chairman and CEO, commented, “We are delighted to have established this in-depth strategic marketing collaboration with Lenovo Group. It represents another milestone in our commercialization of our 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform, which has rapidly grown into a leading enterprise service platform already serving many renowned SaaS brands in China. Moving forward, we will continue to join hands with China’s leading SaaS service providers to meet the huge digitalization demands of key industries and enterprises, creating more successful benchmark cases and cementing our position as the industry’s flagship platform. We are confident that as we further refine our dynamic service ecosystem, our platform, product and service advantages will compound in tandem, propelling us to the top of this immense market worth hundreds of billions of RMB while further broadening 36Kr’s service boundaries and building a second growth engine for the Company.”

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36Kr Holdings Inc. is a prominent brand and a pioneering platform dedicated to serving New Economy participants in China with the mission of empowering New Economy participants to achieve more. The Company started its business with high-quality New Economy-focused content offerings, covering a variety of industries in China’s New Economy with diverse distribution channels. Leveraging traffic brought by high-quality content, the Company has expanded its offerings to business services, including online advertising services, enterprise value-added services, and subscription services, to address the evolving needs of New Economy companies and upgrading needs of traditional companies. The Company is supported by a comprehensive database and strong data analytics capabilities. Through diverse service offerings and significant brand influence, the Company is well-positioned to continuously capture the high growth potential of China’s New Economy. 

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