Champion of AI Technology, TPIsoftware Collects Double Win from Taiwan’s Information Service Industry Association

TAIPEI, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recognized as a top software company in Taiwan by collecting three wins at Taiwan Excellence Award 2023, TPIsoftware has achieved another remarkable success by winning two categories at Taiwan Young Award 2023 with its two proprietary software products SysTalk.Chat: Conversational AI for Customer Service and DigiFusion: iPaaS Middle PlatformSysTalk.Chat has been awarded the first prize in “Forward-thinking Technology” for its AI innovation, and DigiFusion has been awarded an honorable mention prize in “Smart Application” for fostering industry ecosystems. Taiwan Young Award 2023 is a renowned award presented annually by the Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C (CISA) and Commercial Times to encourage technology innovation.

SysTalk.Chat, the champion of “Forward-thinking Technology”, is the most comprehensive Conversational AI service adopted across industries such as BFSI, transport, healthcare and more. Featuring exclusive dual-brain design NLU + FAQ, SysTalk.Chat delivers human-like dialogues and can activate voice recognition with minimal corpus data. In addition, the built-in AI-OCR technology leverages unrivaled AI algorithms to perform intelligent character recognition (ICR) for complex conversation and documentation scenarios, making it the only visual chatbot equipped with “eyes” in the market. Moreover, SysTalk.Chat further integrates with the trending generative AI ChatGPT to optimize conversations and interactions. Now it has served millions of people monthly in Taiwan and saved 40% of labor cost for enterprises, greatly increasing customer satisfaction.

DigiFusion is an ISO 27001 certified iPaaS middle platform featuring cloud architecture, containerization and microservices to drive cloud ecosystems. It provides the enterprise-level API management tool digiRunner and centralized log management tool digiLogs. digiRunner is AWS certified and compliant with international standards to help enterprises expand business models, and digiLogs provides diverse query methods, endpoint monitoring and more to ensure IT operational efficiency.

Jeff Lin, VP of Innovation & AI Product Division at TPIsoftware, said “The fact that SysTalk.Chat has stood out from the competition shows it has become an industry benchmark. SysTalk.Chat can further integrate with DigiFusion to connect other existing services for enterprises and make customer service more holistic, which allows services such as bank transactions to be done simply through chatbot conversations.”

“TPIsoftware has been at the forefront of digital transformation” said Ben Yao, CEO of TPIsoftware, “We keep innovating our products and services, and we recently rolled out documentation solution and a sustainability management platform GreenSwift to respond to dynamic market needs.”