Fintech Nexus FrontierTech and Digital Transformation Firm Temus Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Asset Management with Innovative AI Solution

SINGAPORE, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nexus FrontierTech, the award-winning Fintech firm renowned for its groundbreaking AI solutions, is thrilled to announce a transformative partnership with Temus, a fast-growing digital transformation services firm established by Temasek and UST. This collaboration aims to revolutionise the landscape of investing with the introduction of OneNexus, an AI-augmented portfolio management solution tailored for asset managers seeking unparalleled efficiency and performance.

In today’s dynamic investment landscape, asset managers grapple with the complexity of information scattered across various tools and systems. This leads to the critical challenge of acquiring and governing data promptly which impacts compliance, risk assessment and other downstream operations. The partnership between Nexus FrontierTech and Temus marks a significant leap forward in addressing this gap.

Powered by AI and machine learning capabilities, OneNexus empowers asset managers to generate smart financial analysis reports with multi-source intelligence, monitor risk exposure and ESG impact with real-time market surveillance. The holistic platform is also built with client servicing features.

Founder of Nexus FrontierTech, Danny Goh, comments, “We are incredibly excited about our collaboration with Temus. OneNexus offers users a one-stop solution to process and cross-analyse public and private data for informed and swift decision making, which had been previously impossible or very labour-intensive.”

“This collaboration with Nexus FrontierTech presents a timely opportunity for us to empower asset managers across the industry with AI. Finance in the digital age demands innovation and adaptability. With OneNexus, we aim to support asset managers, to seamlessly modernise their workflows in financial and ESG reporting, so they may meet the escalating demands of the industry,” added Maarten Kelder, Managing Director, Strategy and Human Centric Design, Temus. 

Asset managers are seeking innovative approaches to navigate the complex and ever-evolving investing landscape to seek opportunities and identify risks. With the Nexus and Temus partnership, asset managers can now wield newfound control over their investment strategies.

About Temus:

Temus was established by Temasek in partnership with UST, to provide digital transformation solutions for the private and public sectors as we aspire to be a strategic partner in realising the Singapore Government’s Smart Nation vision. We are headquartered in Singapore and have more than 200 employees across a wide range of disciplines in strategy, design, architecture, technology, data & AI.

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About Nexus FrontierTech:

Nexus FrontierTech is an award-winning Fintech startup that harnesses the power of AI to drive sustainable value creation. Led by a global team of AI and academic experts, Nexus FrontierTech boasts an impressive portfolio, numerous accolades, and strategic partnerships across the financial sector.

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