Canadian Solar’s Training Course Certified by NABCEP, Elevates Expertise of Residential Energy Storage Installers

SAN FRANCISCO, July 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Canadian Solar’s installation training course has recently been certified by NABCEP, marking another milestone in helping installers to upgrade their skills.

This course covers the knowledge and techniques required to install the EP Cube residential energy storage system and is now available on the NABCEP website. After completion, participants will receive two NABCEP credits and become an EP Cube certified installer.

Canadian Solar offers EP Cube certified installers many benefits to support their business. Canadian Solar makes it easy to sell and install the EP Cube providing support from training, to system design, to marketing.

Designed with installers in mind, EP Cube’s all-in-one design with an integrated hybrid inverter with batteries, ensures a seamless installation process. Lightweight, compact components are easy to transport – no special equipment needed. The EP Cube app makes commissioning fast and easy. EP Cube’s flexible design provides installers greater flexibility in installation location. Stacking plug-and-play battery modules saves time – no wiring is needed allowing one or two team members to complete the installation in less than 30 minutes.

Andy Yin, General Manager of Eternalplanet, a consumer-oriented independent brand of energy technology under Canadian Solar, said, “EP Cube’s industry-friendly design makes its installation easy, quick, and safe” at Intersolar Europe in June.

NABCEP is one of the most authoritative and internationally recognized certifications in the PV industry. It is a formal recognition of one’s mastery of specific knowledge systems to ensure the quality of products and services. Therefore, this certification can help improve the techniques and capabilities of installers, enhance their reputation and credibility, and channel more confidence to consumers. Securing NABCEP certification can be a valuable investment for the career of installers.

EP Cube has been unveiled worldwide, including US, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Japan. Featuring safety, intelligence, energy efficiency, and aesthetics, EP Cube will continuously lead the evolution in the residential energy storage market and help create a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. To find more information about the EP Cube installation course, please visit

About Eternalplanet

Eternalplanet is a consumer-oriented independent brand of energy technology under Canadian Solar, with independent design, R&D, manufacturing and global service capabilities. Eternalplanet always adheres to scientific and technological innovation and is committed to providing energy solutions for people and promoting the sustainable development of the world. In September 2022, Eternalplanet launched the first self-designed-and-developed residential energy storage system in the United States – EP Cube. EP Cube adopts industry-leading technologies to provide all-around power backup for every household, with higher safety performance and more flexible capacity expansion. More information on the company can be found at

About Canadian Solar Inc.

Canadian Solar was founded in 2001 in Canada and is one of the world’s largest solar technology and renewable energy companies. It is a leading manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules, provider of solar energy and battery storage solutions, and developer of utility-scale solar power and battery storage projects with a geographically diversified pipeline in various stages of development. Over the past 22 years, Canadian Solar has successfully delivered around 94 GW of premium-quality, solar photovoltaic modules to customers across the world. Likewise, since entering the project development business in 2010, Canadian Solar has developed, built and connected over 8.8 GWp in over 20 countries across the world. Currently, the Company has approximately 609 MWp of projects in operation, 6.9 GWp of projects under construction or in backlog (late-stage), and an additional 17.7 GWp of projects in advanced and early-stage pipeline. Canadian Solar is one of the most bankable companies in the solar and renewable energy industry, having been publicly listed on the NASDAQ since 2006. For additional information about the Company, follow Canadian Solar on LinkedIn or visit