BRI & Presents PAPERCARD, a Credit Card for Businesses

JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BRI) in collaboration with PT Pakar Digital Global ( supported by Visa Indonesia presented PAPERCARD. It has various unique properties & benefits to provide convenience for customers, especially businesses in Indonesia, for digitizing payments.

BRI and release PAPERCARD, an innovative credit card for businesses which is also supported with Visa.

The growth of the BRI Credit Card business in recent years has continued to show a positive trend. On a year-on-year basis, its transaction volume has grown by more than 40%. BRI is optimistic that this year it can grow even bigger. One of the strategies to achieve it, is by issuing innovative credit cards to meet businesses’ needs.

BRI Consumer Business Director, Handayani said the collaboration in issuing the PAPERCARD, co-branding credit card was BRI and’s ongoing support for the government’s vision of increasing financial inclusion. “Financial inclusion, one of which is through cashless transactions, aims to support MSMEs to carry out digital transformation,” she said.

With PAPERCARD, she continued, businesses can transact and manage expenses easily anytime and anywhere on the platform. This product is designed to answer the needs of business owners who want to feel convenience in every process and experience benefits that can be enjoyed for business activities and for the owners as well, as related with the card’s tagline #ItsBusinessAndItsPersonal.

In addition, transaction data is presented real-time and accurate. PAPERCARD users can also enjoy cashback and various attractive promos from BRI and Visa. As for submissions to information access and PAPERCARD transaction mutations, it can be done through the web application.

CEO & Co-founder of, Yosia Sugialam said, PAPERCARD is believed to be able to have a positive impact on businesses, especially users, so they can experience digital payment innovations while also being able to enjoy benefits or personal value to their owners.

“ has been a pioneer since 2017 in invoicing & business payments. Until now, more than 450,000 business people have experienced the easiness of business payments through,” he said. Various features are presented, such as business payments by credit card and the presence of e-stamps for invoice validation.

PAPERCARD can also be used to pay for other business operations, such as digital service advertising (Meta, Google & TikTok), office asset and inventory purchasing needs, as well as business travel and other types of business payments.

It can be realized through the support of the Visa network which allows the card to be used globally, as well as various special promotions.

Riko Abdurrahman, President Director of Visa Indonesia, stated, “Visa is very pleased to be able to facilitate this good collaboration between BRI and, which has resulted in a new breakthrough PAPERCARD for the MSME segment. Our recent Visa Consumer Payment Attitudes study found that credit card use is still prevalent, including to pay bills among consumers, and is most often used for overseas travel, shopping and buying supplies, as well as food & dining,” he said.

“Visa provides access to a payment network that reaches more than 80 million merchants in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Coupled with the fact that MSMEs contribute around 60% to the economy in Indonesia, and BRI and are at the forefront in serving the needs of MSMEs, we hope that the synergy between BRI, and Visa in the form of the PAPERCARD credit card will not only support smooth business processes. for business owners, but also a driver of financial inclusion in Indonesia“.

The newly launched PAPERCARD has two types namely SPACECARD & UNIVERSECARD. Both are cards with various benefits adapted to business conditions of various scales.

SPACECARD is a type of credit card that is intended to meet basic needs in managing cash-flow & monitoring business expenses in real-time. Then for UNIVERSECARD is a type of credit card that combines all the advantages of SPACECARD equipped with a variety of premium benefits, such as access to airport lounges and transaction conversions to airline mileage. This is a very rare feature compared to other business / corporate cards across Indonesia.

BRI,, and Visa hope that PAPERCARD can become a new milestone in the development of a digital payment ecosystem for businesses in Indonesia, especially users.