BIGO,, and Visa join forces to transform the content creator economy

SINGAPORE, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BIGO, a global technology leader known for its innovative RTC (Real Time Communications) based products, announces its partnership with and Visa to transform cross-border payouts for content creators in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. has emerged as one of the fastest-growing technology companies globally with its AI-powered live streaming platforms Bigo Live. Its strategic partnership with and Visa Direct will facilitate a secure and simple commission structure, enhancing its proposition to global content creators. With access to the scale and reach of the global Visa network, BIGO will be able to send funds to over 3bn card destinations globally.

For BIGO’s content creators, this deal brings a seamless user experience and gives them ultimate flexibility, allowing earnings to be sent faster to their bank accounts – 24/7, 365 days a year. This gives content creators full control over the management of earnt funds and empowers them to manage their money better.

“By partnering with and Visa Direct, BIGO can now unlock global remittances for our content creators from a single integration. Bigo Live is a creator-first platform, providing them the best platform to be creative while getting rewards from their work. Our partnership with and Visa means we can now payout earnings quicker to creators around the world, enabling them to manage their finances with ease,” said James, President of BIGO.

“Streaming is big business in Asia Pacific, estimated at US$22.57 billion in 2022. This is fuelled by high mobile and internet penetration and is garnering attention as a growing gig sector,” says Deepan Dagur, Head of Visa Direct, Asia Pacific. “Through our partnership with BIGO and, Visa Direct is helping content creators, such as streamers on BIGO, get access to their earned wages faster. BIGO streamers can now cash out their BIGO wallet balance to their Visa Card in a fast and secure manner and have quicker access to their earnings from streaming.”

“We are excited to offer this payout solution in collaboration with Visa to fuel BIGO”s expansion and the support it provides to its creators. This payout solution, integrated into our single Unified Payments API, provides an end-to-end payment solution for our merchants to efficiently collect and disburse funds globally,” said Brian Sze, APAC Regional Manager at

This partnership marks a significant milestone in digital payments, solidifying the commitment of BIGO,, and Visa to empower creators and revolutionize cross-border payouts across the Asia-Pacific region. Together, they are poised to reshape the future of online content creation and distribution.


BIGO TECHNOLOGY (BIGO) is one of the fastest-growing Singapore technology companies. Powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, BIGO’s RTC (Real Time Communications) based products and services including Bigo Live (live streaming) and Likee (short video) have gained immense popularity, with hundreds of millions of monthly active users in more than 150 countries. 

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