AP Memory Octal-SPI PSRAM validated by Renesas RZ/A3UL MPU

HSINCHU, Aug. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AP Memory, the global leading design company that provides customized memory solution, has announced today its PSRAM solution up to 512Mb density is supported by Renesas RZ/A3UL MPUs.

The Renesas RZ/A3UL is a new product in the RZ/A series with significant enhancements in performance and specifications including the highest operating frequency of up to 1 GHz. Despite its high operating frequency, the RZ/A3UL is also an entry-class 64-bit MPU that provides a cost-effective solution, while providing the performance customers need. The RZ/A3UL provides an Octal-SPI memory interface that facilitates simpler and more compact board designs for industrial equipment, home appliances and office automation equipment with liquid crystal displays or control panels, as well as audio equipment and POS terminals. More information about the RZ/A3UL MPUs and the evaluation board kit is available on the Renesas website. (https://www.renesas.com/rza3ulhttps://www.renesas.com/rza3ul-evaluation-board-kit)

APM’s Octal-SPI PSRAM (Octal Serial Interface Pseudo Static Rando Access Memory) product family, as an alternative solution to standard parallel interface PSRAM (ADMUX or Cellular RAM), or legacy Low-Power SDR/DDR DRAM and SDRAM, supports high bandwidth with low-pin-count solution. Take 256Mb PSRAM for instance, it offers data transfer rate up to 400MBps (3.2Gbps) utilizing only 11 signal pins, equipped with HalfsleepTM mode, the ultra-low power standby mode, which is suitable for battery base IOT application. The latest Octal-SPI PSRAM product up to 512Mb was validated by the Renesas RZ/A3UL MPU, and is available on the RZ/A3UL reference board (EVK). For more information on Octal-SPI PSRAM or other PSRAM products, please refer to the following product link or contact APM directly.


About AP Memory Technology Corporation
AP Memory is a fabless DRAM and IP product company. As a world leader in Pseudo-SRAM, AP Memory delivers reliable solutions of low-pin-count ultra-low-power IoT RAM and high-performance derivative products. AP Memory is also the world-leading company in AI memory solutions, particularly for 3D IC. The headquarters is based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with R&D centers in the US, Mainland China, Taiwan, and sales offices worldwide. For more information, please visit www.apmemory.com