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Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

BMI sees Petronas’ private 5G deployment adds momentum to Malaysian digital transformation

BMI Industry Research said Thursday that Malaysian energy group Petronas' Private 5G deployment will add momentum to Malaysiandigital transformation. It opined that private 5G networks will be critical enablers of digital transformation for large enterprises in many different industries across Southeast Asia over the next five years.

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Digital adoption in Asia: An unstoppable juggernaut transforming economies

As we chart the course of Asia's digital journey, let's remember that while technology is the vehicle, it's people who are driving the change. And it is their stories, their triumphs, and trials that will define the contours of this brave new digital world. #DigitalAdoption #DigitalTransformation #Asia

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Unlocking the transformative potential of cloud economics in APJ: Navigating challenges and maximizing value

When used right, #CloudEconomics presents a game-changing opportunity for businesses in #APJ to embrace digital transformation and stay competitive. However, to reap the full benefits, organizations must be proactive in addressing the challenges that come with this transition. By understanding the intricacies of cloud economics, aligning expectations, and…

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Web application security, the sentinel of BFSI’s digital transformation

As the #BFSI sector continues its #DigitalTransformation journey, safeguarding customer and business data through robust web application security is not an option but a necessity. In a world where cyber threats are constantly evolving, BFSI organizations must adopt proactive #CyberSecurity measures, including the people, process, and technology…

Indonesia’s manufacturing platform Manuva raises $8M from Tin Men Capital & others

Tin Men Capital, a Singapore-based venture capital firm which focuses on Southeast Asian B2B tech startups has invested $3 million in the total $8 million financing raised by Manuva.

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From blocks to bytes, we need builders for Singapore’s digital domain, too

#Singapore's iconic public housing scheme is undergoing pivotal changes for greater inclusivity and equity. But Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's recent National Day Rally also touched on another vision: We need to empower more Singaporeans to build our digital domain to forge our economic future.

Supertree Grove, Singapore

Bridging the digital divide: Empowering SMEs to thrive in the digital age

Regardless of a business's scale or digital literacy, the future of #Singapore's business ecosystem hinges on collective efforts toward a more digitally inclusive landscape, one where SMEs thrive and contribute to a brighter, digitally empowered tomorrow. #DigitalTransformation

Singapore’s iMin Technology raises $5M in Series Pre-A funding led by Yonghua Capital

iMin Technology has also launched the iMinKit Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform. This platform caters to various business partners, ranging from food delivery services to digital payment platforms and SaaS companies in the F&B and retail sectors.

INA and GDS collaborate to co-invest in data center platform in Indonesia

Indonesia’s sovereign wealth fund Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) and China-based data centers operator GDS have announced their partnership to develop and expand the data center landscape in Indonesia. The two entities recognized Indonesia’s potential as an emerging data center market and share a common vision regarding the pivotal role that data…

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Putting the customer first: The impact of generative AI and CX in the BFSI sector

GenAI is fast revolutionizing BFSI customer experience through personalized, efficient, and secure services. Embracing #GenAI would pave the way for seamless and personalized #CX, helping #BFSI companies achieve sustained growth, customer loyalty, and a competitive advantage in today’s digital age.