Malaysia’s cargo solution provider MJets Air Sdn Bhd and logistics firm Teleport Everywhere Pte Ltd (Singapore) (Teleport) have strengthened collaboration with new interline partnership to enhance cargo operations.

MJets Air, a commercial air cargo operator within Malaysia-based MMAG Aviation Consortium Sdn Bhd and part of MMAG Holdings Berhad, has inked a new strategic interline partnership with Teleport Everywhere Pte Ltd (Singapore) (Teleport), which caters to Teleport Commerce Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Teleport Malaysia), an integrated logistics solutions provider and logistics venture of Capital A Berhad, MMAG said in a statement.

This collaboration leverages the strengths and networks of both companies to enhance regional air cargo services by utilizing AirAsia’s extensive network across Asia.

This interline partnership marks a significant milestone in the air cargo industry, aiming to optimize cargo operations and improve the efficiency and reach of air cargo services across Asia.

By combining the extensive networks and logistical capabilities of MJets Air and Teleport, this partnership is poised to significantly enhance regional connectivity, streamline cargo processes, and support the growing demands of e-commerce and other industries reliant on efficient air freight solutions.

“This strategic interline partnership with Teleport allows MJets Air to further showcase its specialized freight capabilities and solidify our position as a critical logistical hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA),

“By leveraging Teleport’s and AirAsia’s combined networks, we are able to offer more comprehensive and efficient cargo solutions, meeting the dynamic needs of the market and enhancing the overall efficiency of regional air cargo operations,” said Azman Bin Kassim, Director of MJets Air.

According to him, the firm’s role as a feeder operator is significantly amplified by the advanced capabilities of MAC’s Xpress Cargo Terminal (XCT).

“Renowned for its ability to process cargo volume for up to 72 narrow body passenger aircraft simultaneously, XCT sets a new industry standard by accepting cargo up to 90 minutes before flight departure,

“This operational efficiency dramatically reduces conventional lead times and elevates service delivery, enhancing both scheduling flexibility and customer satisfaction,” he added.

According to the statement, MJets Air and Teleport have been strengthening their collaboration over the past few months.

In May 2024, the companies signed an initial charter agreement, laying a strong foundation for their partnership.

This new interline partnership, established within just two months of the initial agreement, further solidifies their strategic alliances within the Capital A group, reinforcing their mutual commitment to enhancing air cargo services across the region.

With the surge in e-commerce activities, the partnership ensures that both MJets Air and Teleport are well-equipped to handle increased cargo volumes, providing reliable and timely delivery services.

This partnership also reinforces the market positions of both MJets Air and Teleport, showcasing their commitment to innovation and excellence in air cargo services.

This partnership not only signifies a pivotal growth phase for MJets Air but also reinforces its commitment to delivering exceptional air cargo services and expanding its footprint in the regional logistics industry, said the statement.

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