Tencent Cloud, the cloud business arm of global technology company, Tencent, has on Thursday sealed a partnership with Nokia, a global provider of network infrastructure solutions, to support enterprises in Singapore and Asia Pacific as they level up their cloud and network infrastructure for the next phase of digital transformation.

Tencent Cloud said in a statement that the alliance aims to create greater, seamless integration between cloud services and network infrastructure, enabling business enterprises, network infrastructure service providers, and data centers to upgrade and optimize their current IT environments to harness the potential of AI innovation.

It is noted that businesses in Singapore – and increasingly, across Asia Pacific – have successfully migrated basic operational functions onto the cloud and are enjoying the resulting efficiency gains.

Cited Gartner, the statement projected that within the next four years, cloud computing will shift from a disruptor, to becoming a necessary component for maintaining business competitiveness.

Meanwhile, end user spending on public cloud services is projected to exceed $1 trillion in 2027.

As enterprises continue to adopt digital transformation throughout their operations, the statement noted they are increasingly looking into ways to optimize their information technology (IT) applications and services across large-scale, multi-cloud operations.

It is noted that as a leading provider of IP, optical, and broadband access networks, Nokia has the full breadth of network infrastructure capabilities that enable premium cloud networking, advanced network automation and slicing, and robust cross-border connectivity.

The firm’s multi-cloud and data center networking solutions can address multi-site and multi-cloud connectivity, coupled with highest levels of security, agility, and scalability.

These solutions enable enterprises to streamline their multi-cloud operations, facilitating successful digital transformation and ensuring a good customer experience.

With unified and optimized networking supports, Tencent Cloud will be able to empower enterprises and operators to host and manage cloud-based application and workloads that
demands highly efficient computing, storage and infrastructure resources.

Leveraging Tencent’s two decades of experience and knowhow in operating the tech ecosystem, Weixin/WeChat, with its over one billion of users, Tencent Cloud is poised to offer high-impact cloud-based media and AI services, such as media processing capabilities, real-time communication and hosting for streaming and video-on-demand, digital human creation, and more, to meet the enterprises increasing demands of handling multi-format digital data and content.

“By combining Nokia’s network infrastructure capabilities with Tencent Cloud’s expertise, we are able to jointly offer end-to-end, optimized premium cloud services and networking solutions for the cloud and data center industries in Singapore and throughout Asia,

“Together, we provide significant additional value to enterprises in the region, supporting their digital transformation journeys,” said Sang Xulei, Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific Regional Business Center for Network Infrastructure at Nokia.

Meanwhile, Vice-President of Tencent Cloud International, Asia Pacific (APAC) Bluefin Zhao, urged enterprises to leverage cloud not just to improve internal efficiencies, but also to drive business innovation.

“Enterprises with the foresight to adopt and harmonize cloud-based tools to actively pursue commercial results will be able to embrace the AI future; it gives them a strategic advantage over companies that still view cloud solutions as just an efficiency driver,” he added.

Going forward, Tencent Cloud said it remains active in recruiting local and regional partners to support our growing business, adding to its existing thriving ecosystem of over 11,000 partners globally.

This expansion supports increasing interest from international clients, especially in the media, entertainment, and live streaming industries, as they increasingly adopt Tencent’s cloud-based solutions to transform their operations.

Tencent Cloud said the firm continues to grow its international business at a healthy pace.

Specifically, its Singapore and Malaysian businesses achieved high double-digit growth for two consecutive years.

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