Malaysian information technology (IT) services firm Systech Bhd has partnered industrial-grade servers and storage solutions provider EH Integrated Systems Sdn. Bhd. (EISSB) to develop and operate data centers.

Systech said in a statement on Monday that its wholly-owned subsidiary SysAIU Sdn. Bhd. has entered into a collaboration agreement with EISSB for the establishment, development and operation of data centers and ancillary business activities thereto.

The execution of the agreement is to define the parties respective roles and responsibilities in connection with the project.

The agreement has no fixed value as it is dependent on the revenue generated from the project.

The principal scope and responsibilities of SysAIU are to develop the required applications and software for the project which includes designing, coding, testing, and deploying software for the data center operations; to ensure that the software developed is compatible with the infrastructure provided by EISSB and meets the performance of the project; and to provide ongoing support, maintenance, and updates for the software, including bug fixes, enhancements, and new features for the performance of the project.

The principal scope and responsibilities of EISSB, on the other hand, are to source all required equipment and infrastructure for the project, including without limitation graphics processing units (GPUs), servers, storage systems, networking equipment, cooling systems, and power supply units; to oversee the installation, configuration, maintenance, and upgrading of the infrastructure and equipment to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and compliance with industry standards; and to provide technical support, training, and resources related to the equipment and infrastructure to ensure efficient and effective utilization by the data center staff and stakeholders.

The duo mutually discuss and agree upon the budgeting, marketing strategies, and other operational aspects of the project.

This includes regular meetings, consultations, and joint decision-making processes to align on financial planning, resource allocation, and promotional activities.

The duo are also collaboratively developing a comprehensive project plan that outlines timelines, milestones, deliverables, and responsibilities to ensure the successful execution and completion of the project.

For avoidance of doubt, all project plans with the outlines timelines, milestones, deliverables and responsibilities of the parties are to be agreed mutually in writing by the parties.

The duo are also jointly addressing and resolving any issues, challenges, or disputes that may arise during the course of the project to maintain a harmonious and productive working relationship.

This includes establishing a clear communication protocol and escalation process for conflict resolution.

The agreement will commence on June 24, 2024 and continue for a period of two years.

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