Axrail, an artificial intelligence (AI) subsidiary of Malaysian integrated agro-based business group QL Resources Berhad, has opened a generative AI (Gen AI) lab in Malaysia and Southeast Asia showcasing cloud and edge solutions, to support the growing demand for AI solutions and the nation’s digital economy aspirations.
Axrail said in a statement on Monday that the Gen AI lab pools the expertise of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Phison and Axrail in one collaborative hub.

It said it showcases cutting-edge cloud solutions powered by AWS, including those built on Amazon Bedrock 1 , alongside on-premise innovation with Phison’s innovative aiDAPTIV+ technology.

The lab caters to the evolving needs of businesses seeking a fast-tracked and scalable path to AI adoption, and positions Axrail at the forefront of delivering comprehensive, end-to-end generative AI solutions for both cloud and on-premise environments.

Located within Axrail’s 3,000 square foot Center of Excellence (CoE) for AI solutions, the Gen AI lab fosters responsible experimentation and co-creation of generative AI

The lab is designed to accelerate businesses’ readiness by helping them to build capabilities to extract value from data and increase operational efficiency across various functions.

“We are thrilled to launch our Gen AI Lab in collaboration with Phison and our preferred cloud partner AWS,

“This innovative sandbox will empower businesses to reimagine operations through AI, delivering measurable outcomes and future-proofing their approach,” said Kelvin Kok, Axrail Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

According to him, the firm’s goal is to accelerate AI adoption, especially among Malaysian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), leveraging the upcoming AWS Region in Malaysia for data residency, low latency, and robust cloud services across Southeast Asia.

“Axrail’s new Gen AI lab on AWS offers business solutions that boost productivity and efficiency for industries like retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and entertainment for
SME customers of all sizes,

“Partners like Axrail can help customers make the most of the opportunity advanced technologies like Gen AI can offer business owners,” said Pete Murray, Country Manager, AWS Malaysia.

“In addition, this is another positive example of the growth of Malaysia’s Digital Economy and ambition to become a regional tech hub for ASEAN, which AWS is proud to play our part in supporting,” he added.

K.S. Pua, Chief Executive Officer of Phison Electronics, said that through Phison’s exclusive aiDAPTIV+ solution, the firm not only achieves the democratization of AI and expand AI applications, but also makes generative AI accessible and beneficial to everyone.

“Additionally, we, together with Axrail, will also accelerate Malaysia’s AI digital transformation while providing the added assurance of data confidentiality,

“In the future, Phison will continue to work hand in hand with Axrail to expand cooperation in storage and AI applications,” he added.

An expert in data, AI, cloud migration and digital solutions, Axrail said the firm has a proven track record
of successfully helping over 50 businesses across Malaysia and Singapore.

It said their solutions have been instrumental in enhancing customer engagement and boosting productivity for businesses across various sectors.

Axrail believes Malaysia holds great potential in terms of being able to push the frontiers of technology.

With the support of its partners, AWS and Phison, Axrail said it is confident that the endeavor will provide the impetus that shapes the future of the country’s digital landscape.
It is noted that Axrail’s gen AI lab aligns with the Malaysian Digital Economy Blueprint that focuses on digitalization and becoming a regional pioneer in the digital economy.

The Gen AI lab contributes to the strategic thrusts of driving digital transformation, boosting economic competitiveness through digitalization, developing digital infrastructure, building a digitally- skilled workforce, and creating an inclusive digital society.

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