Mocaverse, the marquee consumer network seeded by Animoca Brands, announced Friday a strategic partnership with OneFootball, a global football platform with more than 200 million fans.

Animoca Brands said in a statement on Friday that the partnership will see OneFoobtball leverages Mocaverse’s Realm Network interoperable SDK to launch Football ID, the universal football decentralized identifier (DID) and reputation layer to onboard football fans worldwide to Web3.

According to the statement, OneFootball and Mocaverse are committed to enhancing the football fan experience and preserving it through Football ID.

It is noted that more than 200 million monthly active users in the OneFootball network and app will be given the opportunity to claim their unique Football ID on-chain, establishing a new standard across the industry.

Football ID will act as fans’ digital passport to record, reflect, and reward fan engagement, recognising their fandom and loyalty in a truly meaningful way regardless of which team they support.

Mocaverse will act as the key ecosystem partner to co-launch Football ID by utilizing the interoperable infrastructure SDK of the Realm Account system behind Mocaverse’s Realm Network.

Football ID will share the same single user-friendly login as other Realm IDs, such as Moca ID and Anime ID.

At the same time, Football ID will allow the football fan community to customize and claim their unique DID (in the form of inside the OneFootball app.

With OneFootball joining the Moca Network, Football ID users will be able to access a variety of rewarding experiences including GameFi, IP, sports, music, and more, powered by the Moca Network of over 400 portfolio companies in the Animoca Brands ecosystem and Mocaverse signed partners.

Fans who claim a Football ID will be able to participate in and contribute to various Web3 activities while they earn Realm Points, the semi-permissionless point system that underlies Mocaverse’s Realm Network.

“We are excited to partner with Mocaverse to bring Football ID to life,

“This initiative represents a groundbreaking step in merging the passion behind football with the innovative possibilities of blockchain technologies,” said Patrick Fischer, Chief Executive Officer of OneFootball.

“Our mission has always been to connect the world of football,

“Football ID will become our gateway to enable users to engage in a more meaningful and rewarding way, while embracing the future of digital identity and fan engagement,” he added.

Kenneth Shek, Mocaverse Lead, said they are thrilled to welcome OneFootball as their second Realm Partner and co-launch Football ID.

“Sports is one of the most influential cultural verticals worldwide, and I believe OneFootball is well placed to onboard millions of sports fans to Web3,

“Realm Network enables seamless onboarding for sports fans, where they can explore different applications and utility across the entire Moca Network, with full interoperability at its core,” he said.

He also said Football ID users will soon immerse themselves in the world of gaming, anime, football, and more, while Moca ID users will be able to engage with the wider sports arena.

“Realm Network is going to fully realize the vision of interoperability, starting with gaming, IP, and sports,” he added.

Mocaverse is the marquee consumer network with an interoperable infrastructure layer of Account, Identity, Reputation, and PointFi systems across the Moca Network, seeded by Animoca Brands.

The firm is dedicated to building the largest on-chain cultural economy by connecting and scaling the network effect of the Moca Network.

At the epicenter of the Animoca Brands ecosystem, Mocaverse pioneered the Web3 identity and PointFi system where Moca NFT holders and Moca ID users can navigate and engage seamlessly across and beyond 400+ rewarding experiences from Animoca Brands’ investment portfolio with on-chain proof of reputation.

Founded in 2008, OneFootball is a leading football platform for a new generation of mobile-first football fans, with plans to become the football marketplace for content, products and services of the future.

It serves over 200 million people every month through its owned and operated platform and video distribution network and social channels, bringing fans closer to the game with breaking news, highlight clips, live streaming, and more.

OneFootball is backed by the biggest clubs in the world of football, such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, PSG, FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Olympique de Marseille, Liverpool FC, Juventus Torino and the German Football Federation.

The firm partners with over 200 clubs, leagues, federations, players and broadcasters to bring their content to the OneFootball Platform across 194 markets, and with a video distribution network that includes around 250 premium publisher partners globally.

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