Accendo Technologies, a Malaysia-based firm in talent intelligence, selection, development, and upskilling, has inked deal with global employee experience and activation technology firm Welliba for global expansion with artificial intelligence (AI) innovation.

Accendo Technologies said in a statement on Thursday that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Welliba for the partnership.

It said the partnership marks a pivotal step in Accendo Technologies’ strategy to expand its global footprint by collaborating with Welliba to build an extensive, anonymized data set to enhance its AI models and drive workforce innovation through deep research on what makes people tick across the world.

This research will be one of the most robust data sets created in the space with over 2 million people each with over 100 data points – generating a research model that will look at 200 million data sets.

This strategic collaboration aims to utilise the combined expertise of both organisations to unlock new insights and provide actionable guidance on understanding, attracting, selecting, empowering, developing, and retaining a high-potential, productive, healthy, and sustainable workforce.

“Our partnership with Welliba is a start to expansion beyond Asia,” said Sharma Lachu, Chief Executive Officer of Accendo Technologies.

“Access to our combined globally anonymized yet highly rich data will significantly enhance our AI models, enabling us to offer more precise and effective talent intelligence and talent experience solutions,

“This is a critical step in our global expansion strategy,” he added.

The MOU outlines several key areas of collaboration – collaborative research, knowledge sharing, development of advanced solutions and driving innovation.

Under the MOU, the duo will be engaging in joint research initiatives to explore cutting-edge approaches to talent intelligence and employee experience.

They will also be facilitating regular knowledge exchange sessions, workshops, and seminars to disseminate research findings and best practices.

They will also be co-developing AI-driven solutions and tools to refine and improve talent selection, development, and upskilling processes.

The two companies will also be encouraging collaborative projects that drive the creation of new technologies and methodologies in talent management.

This collaboration positions Accendo Technologies to significantly enhance its AI models with globally sourced, verified, and secure data.

The enriched AI capabilities will enable Accendo Technologies to offer superior talent intelligence solutions, facilitating its expansion into new markets and solidifying its presence as a global leader in talent intelligence.

“We are thrilled to build on collaboration with Accendo Technologies,

“We have known Accendo Technologies for over 15 years now and our combined efforts have already yielded significant innovations in talent and people experiences across ASEAN and globally, contributing to the global digital economy and professional export revenue from both our countries,” said David Barrett, Welliba Chief Executive Officer.

Welliba Chief Investment Officer Achim Preuss also said that their partnership with Accendo Technologies is set to revolutionize the way organizations manage their workforce.

“By leveraging our combined data sets, we will be able to further enhance our AI models, offering superior talent intelligence and talent experience solutions that promote sustainable workforce development and employee well-being,” he said.

Meanwhile, Cradle Group Chief Executive Officer Norman Matthieu Vanhaecke lauded the announcement as a testament to Cradle’s commitment to empowering innovators to advance their breakthroughs not just in Malaysia but beyond it as well.

He noted that Malaysian startups are well and truly capable of being at the forefront of innovation and advancement of technologies such as AI, big data, and data analytics.

“The partnership between Accendo Technologies and Welliba highlights the importance of ecosystem players from different countries coming together to collaborate and create new market-leading innovations,

“This collaboration exemplifies our vision to create a high-performing, globalized, inclusive, and sustainable startup ecosystem,” he added.

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