Malaysian MarTech company OpenMinds Group has on Wednesday announced the election of three distinguished professionals to its board of directors, effective this May.

The new board members, Brian Siew, Director of Innovation and SPRINT, Celine Ting, Director of Business Partnerships and Growth, and Chin Kai Yee, Director of Corporate Services at OpenMinds Group, will bring fresh perspectives, diverse expertise, and leadership qualities that align with the company’s goals and values, the firm said in a statement.

It said this new leadership reflects OpenMinds’s commitment to nurturing successors and providing high-quality MarTech solutions.

According to the statement, the newly elected board members have been groomed through their journey in the leadership team.

In this capacity, they have not only excelled as team leaders but also served as a “sub-committee” responsible for the group’s overall business continuity and decision-making over the past few years.

Additionally, the lineup was introduced to a rotating chairman role, offering them firsthand experience in leading meetings, facilitating discussions, making decisions, and guiding OpenMinds towards its shared objectives.

“We are thrilled to welcome Brian, Celine, and Kai Yee to our board of directors. Each of them brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in their respective fields,

“Their unique perspectives and leadership qualities make them the perfect fit to help us drive OpenMinds forward,” said Jan Wong, Founder of OpenMinds Group.

“As we continue to evolve and expand our range of MarTech solutions, we hope that their diverse expertise and fresh insights will be invaluable in guiding the company towards achieving our strategic objectives and maintaining our competitive edge in the advanced MarTech market,” he added.

Following this new election, Siew is responsible for identifying new income streams and developing innovative solutions for product development.

Meanwhile, Ting is responsible for identifying opportunities for business expansion and collaborating with stakeholders to grow strategic alliances and deliver mutual value.

Lastly, Chin is responsible for facilitating a more seamless integration of group-wide financial matters, talent growth and resource planning; ensuring OpenMinds remains relevant and competitive.

“The rising of new leaders within OpenMinds Group sets us up for 10 times growth,

“We, the founders, are aware of our limited capabilities after 12 years of charting the course and know it is time to set the stage for more advanced directors in this season; allowing the founders to refocus our efforts in scaling the overall group,” said Daryll Tan, Co-founder and Director of OpenMinds Group.

“I am confident that the new directors will ensure a more relevant and focused trajectory of our strategic direction, operations and business effectiveness,

“As an additional assurance, we are still, at the core, highly invested in people, excellent in our MarTech solutions and future-proof in our mindset,” he added.

As of today, the new board of directors’ immediate initiative is to strengthen internal leadership development and optimize organizational structures to enhance efficiency.

Additionally, they plan to amplify the company’s reach and value through strategic initiatives such as investing in innovation, research and development, and empowering specialized teams like SPRINT, UI/UX, tech and digital advisory.

Drawing from a decade of expertise, OpenMinds said is dedicated to maintaining its legacy of providing cutting-edge MarTech solutions while embarking on a new era of growth and ambition.

While remaining steadfast in their commitment to the company’s five-year vision, the addition of new directors further amplifies its ability to break barriers and exceed limitations.

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