Malaysia’s golf platform Deemples has announced a $2 million investment from Singapore based corporate venture capital firm — V Ventures, to drive its growth and enrich user experience.

The investment comes at a time of rapid growth for Deemples, which has seen its business double yearly for the past four years in Malaysia, Deemples said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to the statement, this investment will further facilitate the brand’s plans to expand its presence in Southeast Asia and establish a strong foothold in a new market.

“Our core mission is to create the premier golfing experience empowered by tech to allow our community to play anytime, anywhere, with anyone,

“With this new investment, we have set our eyes on further expanding our ecosystem to be truly regional with our services and to significantly enrich the golfing community,” said David Wong, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Deemples.

Founded with the vision of addressing a personal need to find golf buddies, Deemples has grown into a household name in Malaysia growing its number of active golfers by 200% since their last fundraising round.

The firm enables golfers to plan their games effortlessly, whether it’s a spontaneous round, a tournament, a club match or a prearranged outing.

With its tech-first philosophy and designed-for-golfers approach, Deemples caters to the diverse needs of golfers, enhancing their overall experience of the sport.

“We will use the funds to build a scalable best-in-class product, with a keen focus on relentless innovation, formula for product market fit, and to ultimately expand into untapped markets,” said Ahmad Daleen, Chief Technology Officer of Deemples.

“This is important to the mission of providing the best borderless golfing experience for our community, enabling golf enthusiasts to connect, play, and enjoy the game, anywhere,

“In essence, it solidifies our commitment to empowering golfers everywhere and reinforces our position as a leader in revolutionizing the way golf is experienced and enjoyed across borders,” he added.

It is noted that with a 100 percent growth observed in the Malaysian Golfing community from 2023 alone, there is excitement surrounding the evident rise in both appreciation for golfing and notable enhancement in skill levels.

This reflects a deeper commitment to mastering and enjoying the sport.

This growth can be attributed to increased accessibility to golf courses and training facilities.

Overall, the future looks promising for the Malaysian golfing community as it continues to expand and evolve, according to the statement.

Deemples said the firm has played a significant role in shaping and expanding the golfing community across Malaysia.

Operating as the first two-sided marketplace, Deemples said it prioritizes providing value to both customers and golf courses alike.

Through its platform, the brand encourages players to golf more frequently by connecting them with other golfers and establishing a golfing network.

It said this not only benefits users by enhancing their experience but also helps golf courses increase their revenue and attract more players to their facilities.

“Deemples has helped golf courses in Malaysia to provide a new level of service for both new and existing golfers over the last 4 years,

“We at The Mines Resort and Golf Club were able to launch on the platform easily and immediately start receiving bookings from their users,” said Setia Mohd Anwar Mohd Nor (R), President of the Malaysian Golf Association and Executive Chairman of The Mines Resort and Golf Club.

“Deemples has been a great partner to us and other golf courses. With their best-in-class technology, and growth strategy, it will enable all subscribed golf courses to provide a thrilling golfing experience to our golf fraternity,

“We are excited to see what our future with Deemples holds for the golf industry in Malaysia.” he added.

With a steady growth in the Malaysian market from last year, Deemples said the firm is set to continue to provide the best golf booking and matching experience in Malaysia.

It said the platform’s established track record serves as a solid foundation for its ongoing expansion efforts.

By leveraging its scalable platform and profound understanding of the golfing community, Deemples said it is dedicated to expanding across Southeast Asia whilst ensuring that Malaysia remains a focal point of its operations.

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