Teleport, the logistics arm of Malaysia-based Capital A Bhd, said Monday it is targeting to deliver two million parcels daily by 2025.

Teleport said in a statement that the market is at an inflection point as there is more cross-border eCommerce volume flowing into Southeast Asia than ever before, with key eCommerce lanes between China and the top five Southeast Asia countries are expected to grow to $3.8 billion in freight value in 2025.

Cross-border eCommerce volume by air is forecasted to grow 20 percent to 25 percent through to 2027, reflecting continued market growth in the region.

With increased market demand and growth, consumers have increasing expectations for faster yet more affordable delivery.

“The market is ready. We are ready. We want to change the game of how cross-border logistics is delivered in Southeast Asia. Delivering fast, affordable and reliable service is hard but we believe our approach can make this a reality for all,

“Controlling the right hybrid belly network, enabled by the right use of technology, and the right operating model provides our customers and partners a next-day service in Southeast Asia that, for the first time, everyone can afford,” said Pete Chareonwongsak, Chief Executive Officer of Teleport said.

According to the statement, Teleport’s growth strategy comprises three key components – a hybrid network, reliability powered by technology and a cost-leading, sustainable operating model.

The firm said it continues to strengthen its network infrastructure with extensive first-to last-mile next-day delivery infrastructure and work with more air partners to add more capacity on key high-volume lanes.

This is on top of its existing stronghold in Southeast Asia comprising a multi-hub hybrid mid-mile belly network of freighters and passenger belly space of more than 30 partner airlines combined.

The firm will also safeguard the reliability of a next-day, affordable delivery by ramping up the right technology build that will firstly, enable seamless orchestration from first to last mile.

Secondly, the firm will provide full visibility to ensure that it works for all.

Finally, the firm will incorporate intelligence to ensure that it works regardless, with the capability for automated yet flexibility in planning, prediction and most importantly, service recovery.

Meanwhile, Teleport said its asset-light, pay-per-use model also enables it to operate with a lower cost structure-to ensure more growth drives continued profitability.

It said customers benefit by way of affordable pricing and growing network access.

When third-party airline partners with Teleport, they benefit from incremental revenue gained through new and growing volume channeled through their belly capacity, it added.

“This is our next stage of growth. Affordable, next-day delivery for all in Southeast Asia is the final mission from the day one vision,” said Chareonwongsak.

“Our next five years will deliver this, and help all businesses with simpler and better service, but also our airline partners will never have to fly empty,

“We succeed when we ensure everyone wins with Teleport. Market growth is unlimited when we do,” he added.

Established in 2018, Teleport is an integrated logistics solutions provider operating the largest air logistics network in Southeast Asia.

The firm’s unique network advantage, comprising a combined freighter and high-frequency passenger aircraft belly capacity of AirAsia and over 30 other partner airlines, is highly suitable and focused on e Commerce, small packages and loose parcels.

With direct point-to-point access to secondary and tertiary cities, Teleport creates value for its customers by providing fast and affordable air logistics services and accessible reach to new markets beyond their backyard.

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