Hong Kong, May 2, 2024 – TNGlobal today announces the extension of the ORIGIN Innovation Awards to deliver an even more impactful and rewarding experience for finalists and winners, especially given upcoming events co-organized by TNGlobal, including the ORIGIN Conference.

Originally scheduled to conclude in January 2024, the decision to extend the ORIGIN Innovation Awards stems from a desire to provide greater benefits and exposure to companies and individuals recognized for their innovations. Initially conceived during the pandemic to recognize innovators amidst the popularity of online events, the ORIGIN Innovation Awards now seeks to evolve with the return of in-person gatherings.

By strategically aligning with the upcoming ORIGIN Conference, TNGlobal aims to amplify recognition, networking opportunities, and resources for finalists and winners. This provides a more synergistic platform for innovators, investors, and industry leaders.

To underscore this commitment, TNGlobal will provide complimentary booths to all ORIGIN Innovation Awards nominees at the BEYOND Expo to be held May 22 to 25, 2024 in Macao. This integration aims to maximize visibility and foster connections within a vibrant innovation ecosystem.

“The changing landscape presents an opportunity to elevate the ORIGIN Innovation Awards beyond its initial online concept. We want our innovators to experience the full potential of recognition and networking within the dynamic environment of the ORIGIN Conference,” said Dr. GANG Lu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TechNode Group.

“We believe this integration will lead to a more dynamic and valuable experience for all involved in the ORIGIN Innovation Awards. We are committed to celebrating the achievements of the most disruptive startups and innovators, and we are excited about the potential that a combined event offers,” he said.

“TNGlobal would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our advisors from AC Ventures, Gobi Partners, Kairous Capital, Ondine Capital, and Quest Ventures for their efforts toward supporting ORIGIN Innovation Awards,” Dr. GANG Lu added.

TNGlobal will reopen nominations for the ORIGIN Innovation Awards in June 2024 and will announce a date for in-person awarding ceremony in 2025. Existing nominees need not resubmit, although resubmissions are welcome if nominees have updates or new innovations to share.

Visit https://technode.global/origin/innovation-awards/  for more information on ORIGIN Innovation Awards. Visit https://technode.global/origin/ for more information on the ORIGIN Conference.

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