Salmon Group Ltd, a financial technology group based in the Philippines, has on Thursday announced its strategic partnership with electronic payment systems provider ECPay, to expand payment channels.

Salmon said in a statement that ECPay is renowned for its extensive network of payment centers strategically positioned across the country, which include convenience stores, pawnshops, remittance centers and rural banks.

It said the partnership allows customers to easily pay for their Salmon products in ECPay’s 490,000+ over-the-counter and 3,000+ digital payment touchpoints.

It also said it allows Salmon to empower its customers, half of whom don’t have a traditional bank account, to easily make their repayments through the ECPay network.

By utilizing ECPay’s extensive payment network, it said Salmon’s customers gain greater flexibility and convenience in managing financial obligations.

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with ECPay as part of our commitment to providing seamless financial solutions to our valued customers,

“In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is not just important, it’s a must and this collaboration allows us to extend our reach and accessibility, ensuring that our customers can easily manage their financial transactions wherever they are,” said Raffy Montemayor, Co-Founder of Salmon and Chairman of the Rural Bank of Sta. Rosa (Laguna), Inc.

ECPay is electronic customer purchase and payment systems provider in the Philippines, enabling merchants in both the offline and online channels with the one-stop-shop proposition and offering customers convenient payment platforms.

For over 23 years, ECPay has enabled retail outlets and collection partners to offer payment services while providing merchants and billers with real-time electronic reconciliation, web-based reporting, and system management.

The firm currently has over 600 biller and portfolio partners.

Salmon is made up of Salmon Group Ltd and its subsidiaries in the Philippines including Sunprime Finance Inc. and the Rural Bank of Sta. Rosa (Laguna), Inc., which was established in 1963.

The group is dedicated to expanding financial inclusion by providing customers with cutting-edge, customer-centric, artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven banking and financial services.

The firm is supported by shareholders including the sovereign wealth fund of Abu Dhabi (ADQ) and other blue-chip international and Filipino investors.

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