Singapore-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup Mindverse has successfully closed a $5 million seed funding round led by Square Peg.

Mindverse said in a statement on Thursday that with the support of Square Peg and a team of industry veterans from Meta, NetEase, and beyond, Mindverse is set to use its recent funding to further research and product development.

It said the aim is to advance the Large Personalization Model, moving closer to an era where AI not only assists but truly understands and represents each user’s unique identity.

“While Large Language Models have paved the way,
the true potential of AI lies in its ability to be as diverse and unique as the individuals it serves,

“Our mission is to create an AI future that celebrates this diversity,” said Dr. Felix Tao, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mindverse.

Mindverse is an AI technology company founded by former Meta executives and top AI researchers in January 2022.

It pioneers Artificial Diversified Intelligence (ADI) by introducing the Large Personalization Model, aiming to
personalize AI to reflect the vast diversity of human thought, values, and patterns.

This approach underpins the firm’s flagship products: MindOS Studio and Mebot.

MindOS Studio is designed for businesses, enabling the creation of AI-native websites with dynamic, personalized chat experiences and interfaces.

Mebot, offers individuals a deeply personalized experience, acting as a digital second brain to enhance productivity by learning and memorizing user thoughts and preferences.

“We are in the midst of a generational AI shift that will move from generalised language models to personalised experiences,

“It is rare to find a team the calibre of Mindverse’ tackling this shift, and we are thrilled to join them on this journey,” said Tushar Roy, Partner at Square Peg.

It is noted that for Mindverse Co-Founders Tao and Kisson Lin, the future of AI must embrace the multitude of human experiences, beliefs, and values, allowing for a tapestry of AI intelligences that mirror the individuality of their creators.

Thus, central to Mindverse’s groundbreaking vision is the development of the Large Personalization Model, a technology that empowers AI with long-term memory and complex reasoning abilities.

This innovation serves as the foundation for Mindverse’s flagship products: MindOS Studio for businesses and Mebot for individuals.

Mindverse opined that MindOS Studio is poised to define AI-native websites as it will enable businesses to craft dynamic, on-demand services and interfaces, infused with professional knowledge and capabilities.

By organizing and re-generating personal ‘memories’, it said Mebot will provide a level of service and understanding previously unattainable, making it an indispensable companion in the digital age.

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