Singapore-headquartered investment company Temasek has launched its new office in Paris on Wednesday.

Temasek said in a statement on Thursday that the Paris office expands the fund’s global footprint and network, giving it the opportunity to grow its organization, talent and capabilities, in its mission to construct a resilient and forward looking portfolio.

It said together with the existing London and Brussels offices, the Paris office will enhance access to investment and partnership opportunities, and the talent pool across both the European Union and the broader Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

It will also bring Temasek’s global footprint to 13 offices across nine countries.

Since 2011, Temasek’s exposure to the EMEA region has grown almost five times to SGD 47 billion ($34.73 billion) or 12 percent of its portfolio as at March 31, 2023.

This reflects the dynamic opportunities and innovation Temasek continues to see in the region, said the statement.

“The Paris office opening signifies the importance of the EMEA region to Temasek, as we seek to advance our 2030 strategy to expand our global network and construct a resilient and forward looking portfolio, with sustainability at the core of what we do,

“Together with our London and Brussels offices, the Temasek ecosystem and the partnerships we have built, we stand ready to collectively catalyze solutions for the biggest challenges of our time,” said Dilhan Pillay, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings.

“Temasek celebrates our 50th anniversary this year,

“As we do so, our pPurpose will continue to guide us to build on our foundations to deliver sustainable returns over the long term, to do things today with tomorrow clearly on our minds, So Every Generation Prospers,” he added.

Nagi Hamiyeh, Temasek’s Head of EMEA added that over the years, the fund’s four structural trends which are Digitization, Sustainable Living, Future of Consumption, and Longer Lifespans have guided their portfolio construction globally and in the EMEA region.

“We recognize the excellence in Europe’s leading companies in sectors which come within these trends, such as sustainable solutions, pharma/biotech, consumer, financial services, technology and transportation and logistics,

“We expect to deploy significant capital into globally leading companies as well as promising emerging enterprises in these areas,” he added.

Benoit Valentin, Temasek’s Deputy Head of EMEA, Head of Partnership Solutions, Head of Private Equity Fund Investments, and Head of Impact Investing, concluded that in the current complex environment, strategic partnerships are more important than ever to ignite innovation, fortify resilience, and unlock boundless growth.

“We are excited to collaborate closely with local and regional partners to do this. Temasek is a provider of patient capital, as we invest off our own balance sheet,

“We have almost 50 years of experience investing across cycles, sectors, and geographies. These have helped us to connect Asia’s dynamism with EMEA’s innovative spirit,” he added.

Temasek is a global investment company with a net portfolio value of SGD 382 billion ($287 billion) as at March 31, 2023. 

Headquartered in Singapore, the firm has offices in Beijing, Hanoi, Mumbai, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Singapore in Asia; and London, Brussels, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Mexico City outside Asia. 

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