Metalpha Technology Holding Limited, a Hong Kong-based digital asset-focused wealth management company, together with global chips provider Algos Electronics Corp., have established NOWLIT FinTech Solutions Corp.

This strategic partnership paves the way for the company to establish its crypto business presence in the North American market with goals of expanding the company’s market reach by accessing newly explored local market opportunities, fully compliant with local regulations, the duo said in a statement on Tuesday.

Headquartered in Canada, NOWLIT FinTech Solutions focuses on blockchain fintech advisory and research.

Backed by both Metalpha and Algos Electronics, the newly established company will be guided by both companies’ extensive experience and geographic footprint in crypto
wealth management services and client networks.

As the company’s joint venture partner, Algos Electronics focuses on the design, manufacture, and distribution of ASIC and data center equipment and is a trusted solutions provider in both the United States and Canada.

Metalpha offers customized hedging solutions and crypto derivatives products to institutions.

The company is proud to be one of the largest crypto derivatives traders in Asia and works closely with financial institutions including family offices, investment funds, and crypto mining companies.

The strategic partnership comes at a time when the Company is actively building global market outreach and more diverse business offerings.

“Having Metalpha as our strategic stakeholder serves as a great boost to our business strategy and confidence in North America,

“We look forward to building and developing our market expertise in blockchain finance closely together,” said Marc MA, Chief Executive Officer of NOWLIT FinTech Solutions Corp.

According to the statement, Metalpha, along with Algos Electronics, aims to work closely with NOWLIT FinTech Solutions to develop localized business offerings and market expertise.

“We look forward to building our business presence in North America with great partners such as Algos Electronics,

“We believe the creation of NOWLIT FinTech Solutions will help us capture more business opportunities together,” said Adrian Wang, President and Director of Metalpha.

Founded in 2015, Metalpha went public on October 20, 2017. The listed company is providing investing and wealth management services with a full-service, institutional-grade platform.

With dedicated blockchain expertise, the company aims to become a leader in the field of crypto wealth management services, bringing robust innovation and transparency to the customers and businesses it serves.

Algos Electronics is a firm focuses on ASIC chip and final product design, manufacture, and distribution in both United States and Canada.

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